September 2017

Recently I noticed a major shift in church as I knew it. It was a gradual process and for some time I never paid attention to it . And then […]

This week has been one of those weeks that I wanted to throw the entire week away . When you’re at the point that you are trying to achieve something […]

I just want to take  a moment and talk about weddings . One of my friends is getting married and I have to tell you I liked her better before […]

A friend and I had recently finished watching this season of the crown and because we are not series watchers and most of our time is spent doing other things […]

I don’t count myself as a professional relationship expert but in recent years I have had my fair share of hits and misses when it comes to the opposite sex […]

From the time I was a little kid until I was a young adult I was taught the importance of what it means to be a friend. My mother would […]

With a smile he greets her .  He leans in for a hug and she backs up and places her hand out to shake  his hand. His big smile diminishes […]

Previously on the last episode of Tesha goes without facebook and text messaging, I was able to tell you how much I learned during a course of a week. I was reading […]

Previously on my post I just talked about random things that were happening in my life. I often do that when I have absolutely nothing to talk about or if […]

Who would have ever believed that 2011 would go by fast. I can remember last year after moving to Birmingham, AL we spent our very first Christmas expecting the birth of […]