September 2017

ho would have ever believed that 2011 would go by fast. I can remember last year after moving to Birmingham, AL we spent our very first Christmas expecting the birth of […]

here are many subjects that catch my attention. Mostly because it has or it had something to do with my existence. Over the years I always say that I’ve lived […]

As I worked on our weekly television broadcast, I decided to do a search on the definition of a baby daddy . As if there is an actually real definition […]

Having grown up in a house full of men I thought that I would have the advantage when it came time to get married. I thought I understood the male […]

Recently I have seen my life flip right upside down. Out with the old and in with new. I have moved from two states twice , I moved from a smaller […]

Recently I was at my parents home and I was watching one of the shows that we had recently filmed for television. After the show had gone off , we […]

My mind has been wrapped up in yuletide(insert nice descriptive word of your choice)  wood since the beginning of December. I had no plans for an elaborate Christmas although I […]

Sometimes you have to speak life into your life, you have to encourage yourself daily. Things may not be the greatest, and sometimes things are great but there is a […]