Tonight after youth group I decided to clean up my class room and change around a little bit. I was very frustrated from the day. Frustrated from things not happening the way I wanted them to happen. Frustrated because simple things didn’t go the way I had planned for them to go today. Frustrated because I feel so held back from doing all the things that I desire to do. Frustrated because I allowed others to dictate for me the way my life should go.  Frustrated that I’ve been blogging for some time and yet I have no readers. Frustrated to the point that I almost gave up!

As I picked up and pulled things down I began to  move chairs and as I moved the chairs in the classroom my mind automatically went back to the day we had those chairs delivered to my father’s church. We were excited… I was only ten years old and I can remember the looks on the members faces as we replaced the metal chairs we had with padded chairs.  I can remember the deacons helping to unload them off the church and how proud everyone was that we finally had padded chairs.

I begin to think about the people who sat on those chairs. In one of these chairs my grandmother sat. She sat, prayed and cried out to God. These are the same chairs that were placed in front of her casket when she left us to be the Lord.

I begin to think the weddings that took place around these chairs, the potluck dinners, that one member who always managed to knock over the chairs with a victory dance. I think about the unwed mother who sat in shame and her future husband who sat a few seats away from her. I thought about the lady who attended church that morning and wanted to stand but could not but as she sat in those chairs a miracle took place and she walked out the church. I thought about the countless days faced down , bowed in front of those chairs praying for God’s continued you grace and mercy.

And I remembered the bad moments. Fortunately the good moments outweighed the bad. You see sometimes you never really see where you are until you can reflect on where you’ve been. Those chairs , although they are not in our main auditorium still remain a part of our church after 27 years and their reflection only allows us realize where we have been and the good that is in us to continue to move forward.

Frustration is a dream killer.  Thank God that he gives us daily reminders of where we’ve been so that we can continue on and move forward.

Pity Party over…

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