ter 18 months of pregnancy and trying to get back in my pre pregnancy size 4  , it has proven to be a journey to say the least. Its not that I cannot get into my normal size, I’m there ( thank God for good genes and breast feeding) but its not the same size 4 that I am used to. My appetite has changed, I don’t want to eat that many times a day, I don’t have time to eat that many times a day  .  The diet I was on before I got pregnant makes me sick and I equate most of those meals to pregnancy (hormones)  and even though my tummy is flat , I cannot consume my usual double cheese burger without a little pouch in my tee shirts . So with much thought I decided to give this vegetarian thing  a shot for one week and see how I like it.

I’ve written a few weight loss manuals and followed those to a tee when trying to maintain my  weight but I failed to think about vegans and vegetarians.  I’m not into the juicing craze because I have to buy formula and pampers and if you have not noticed fruit and lettuce is just as expensive as meat and try doing that everyday, really?

I decided that since I like milk and eggs from a real cow and real chickens I would have to stick with being a vegetarian and besides that where would I purchase all the nice foods in Tupelo . So as I write this book for my vegetarian people I thought I would fill you guys in on my diet for Free!!!

Here is my day one diet

Breakfast :

Eggs ( no butter , no cheese, no salt) Eggs don’t count as meat bc it lacks flesh

Ice Cold water

Black coffee( half a pack of splenda)

Whole grain toast w a teaspoon of Peanut Butter ( you can have almond butter or any other kind of nut butter)


Juice ( fresh veggies and fruit)

Ice cold Water


Ice Cold Water ( lemon, parsley)

Spinach Salad, almonds, strawberries , carrots and black beans ( dressing, really) Balsomic  Vinegar


Greek Yogurt/ Water


Lentil Casserole/Veggie Burger feel free to add beans or tufu to your casserole- There are some amazing recipes online if you need ideas I don’t cook so my choices will be simple and will lack much consideration.

One way to eat a burger and make sure it digests is to eat the burger part first and the bread last . Remember to use whole grain buns that are gluten free ( you cannot find this stuff at walmart you may have to go to kroger or whole foods)

Black Beans/pinto beans

Sweet Potato Fries or a small Sweet potato



Apple/ pear

Sunflower seeds ( unsalted)

or a piece of dark chocolate


Don’t forget to get all your servings of water and you can substitute black coffee for green tea or black tea. And make sure that most of the products you eat with is glutten free you don’t wanna be skinny with a fat stomach !

Feel free to try it with me!!! Let’s go!

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