Its a new year!!! I’ve enjoyed reading all the great things that people have planned for in 2014. The trips, the new jobs, graduation, career turn arounds and my most enjoyable experience is waiting to hear what the Lord is saying to the church in this new year. What is the clarion call for ministry?What new direction is the Lord talking us in , in the new year? Is it new? Is there a transition of generals? Are the days of Mega churches over?

Since 2009 the church has experienced and economic depression. There is an increasing number of pastors that have experienced the wrath of ministry in ways that before have been uncommon. Suicide, depression, drug overdoses, loss of vision , just to name a few things, have trapped Pastors so much so that we have to ask ourselves, have we taken ministry to far? And what is God saying about this?

In 2013 some new reality shows were introduced to the world ,  the first , Preachers wives of Atlanta (tlc), Preachers Wives of LA (lifetime), Preachers daughters ( lifetime) and the LA Preachers (Oxygen) . Each of these shows were supposed to give an inside glimpse of what life is really like  inside the Pastors house. Some of the scenarios that the families faced were far fetched and odd, some showed just one side of ministry, and some showed too much . As a Pastor’s daughter, I looked at the shows and took them all in with an opened mind. Because I feel like we deserve a chance to tell our own story. Maybe I was too open minded, to liberal with my beliefs … but thats ok, right?

Although these particular shows were placed to shed light on what was really going on in the world of a pastor but rather than showing the reality of things and individuals accepting the fact that these people are real. It shed a darkness over pastors . Now , one would have to question who they are really following. Could perhaps my pastor be just like some of the preachers I saw on television? Should I continue to put my trust in the man and woman of God?

To answer those questions… just remember that everybody is different. There is no man and woman of God that is just a like . I would guess that if God has truly called that man or woman of God into ministry, there is something genuine inside them to see ministry not just for the millions of dollars that they can raise on Sunday mornings but for the millions of souls that their ministry can reach. It really brings joy to my heart when I hear someone say, I heard a message by your parents and it really encouraged me. Although money is good , that means that your message is effective.

God is still calling men and women of God to serve in the vineyard. Pray for your man and woman of God. Keep their family in your daily prayers and don’t fail to encourage them .

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