Entering 2015 my husband and I had some unfinished business to handle from the previous year. Within a day or so after the new year my husband and I carried out our affairs and held our breath. We actually held our breath for one year. We never spoke a word to each other about the events that took place but we both knew it was definitely an issue that was not over.

AS 2015 came to an end I came to realize that this was the time to let that issue go and by letting it go it meant to let a lot of things go. And the things we had to let go were not just small things that we could brush off or purge away it was a really big thing that would not only affect me but would affect our entire family.

But what if we had done things differently?

Thinking about all of that I cannot help but reflect about all of the small things that we could have let go but we held them for so long that the small problem evolved into a bigger problem to the point that sometimes there was no return. What if we had done things differently?

I’ve come to realize that we can sleep on small things or what we think are small things and those small things can help someone else’s life. Ever thought of an invention and slept on it and all of a sudden you see it advertised on television? What if we had done things differently?

Remember that one time you got into a fight with one of your best friends over a guy? You did everything in your power NOT to apologize first and soon your friendship ended. You remember the time that happened and why it happened but do you even remember the guys name…you’ve lost a lifetime of friendship full of graduations, sorority pledging, late night slumber parties, weddings and babies births. What if you had done things differently?

I’ve come to realize that married couples have fought and broken up over things that could have been rationalized and resolved. We have allowed others influence us wrongly allowing our marriages to end prematurely based off of someone’s bad counsel. Therefore causing you to suffer in health, your wealth is tampered and your soul mate is your unfriended mate. What if you had done things differently?

When I was a newly married woman I moved with my husband from my hometown of about 50000 people to a city of 212000 people . I was lonely, and hormonal I made a major decision without the help of anyone. After 6 years of time I’ve gone thru some major situations , I wake up in the night often wondering what if I had just stayed the course. What if I had done things differently?

In life I’ve come to realize that you never have a redo moment …there is never a time that you can say okay so I’m going to redo this day or that hour that you made that decision. But there is time to correct things and move forward. Think before you speak, always be the first to say,” I’m sorry.” wait over night to make decisions and above all else seek wisdom. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

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