As I worked on our weekly television broadcast, I decided to do a search on the definition of a baby daddy . As if there is an actually real definition of what it is. To my surprise the internet is loaded with definitions of what it is to be a , “baby’s daddy.” But its quite funny that none of the definitions included the words dead beat, low down, unwilling, selfish , ungrateful, indecisive, good for nothing,  or disrespectful . The phrase Baby Daddy was popularized by a song in the 90’s and has since gained popularity as celebrities use the phrase to describe their significant others. However , “Baby Daddy’s ” have been around for centuries.

One of the first could be , Abraham. He fathered a son by Hagar, his wife’s handmaiden. But our first real examples in the United States of baby daddy’s will take us back to slavery times. In slavery times , Master or Massah would pick an individual lady to be his main girl.  He would use and abuse her body sometimes willingly most of the time unwillingly ( on the part of the female). And once she had  his baby , he was on to the next. Funny thing is that historical stories passed down throughout the years would suggest that Master was happy that he had in fact impregnated the slave , however because she was lower than an animal he would not take the time to nurse or nourish that baby that was flesh of his flesh ( sound familiar) . Oftentimes we see stories where that baby grew up in the house as a maid or a baby nurse. They may have inherited some land but all in all they were not embraced as a son or daughter.

See for so long we have blamed one thing after the other on the black male but in fact a lot of things didn’t come from the black man.  This is why I know that we can change history and we can change a generation. I am reminded of my upbringing,my mother being a hairstylist , spent a lot of her late nights in the salon. Dinner was always prepared for us and there were always plenty of after school snacks available, But for the most part we spent our nights with our father. He took us to dance, cheerleading, soccer, cross country, reading circle, play practice, chorus , band and more. My father having been raised by his father , knew what it was to be a real father . The thing about this is that now that my oldest brother is a father he’s doing the same thing. I see a lot of my male cousins participating in the lives of their children the same ways. This what we call generational blessings!!!

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