I will call myself a biography buff. I am totally inspired by individuals life’s journey. I am captivated by their stories, their failures and their successes. Hours after my house is asleep I spend time on the internet searching, looking, linking individuals together and wondering why some are so much more successful than others.

You know bio’s are a part of our life. It lets us all know what road you took to become successful. Its also a map for others to use if they too want to be successful. You know , famous people have a drive that is second to none. How many successful famous , lazy people do you know?

You can easily recognize a famous individuals worth. Its written in something. Its flashed on some television show. There are things named in their honor and there are television shows for the specific purpose of honoring them. We are able to watch and we share in their joy. But what about the common man. There are no award shows committed for the sole purpose of honoring that person who was a faithful janitor in the public school district. There is not a televised awards show for being the best mom a kid can have. You will not get a park named after you , for being a great little league coach. Even though what you have done was exceptional there is just not enough recognition for great works. But does that make you unworthy?

Never in my life would I ever think about my worth as much as I do now. In high school and college it seemed like I knew who I was and where I wanted to go in life. I went to college, I followed a dream. I detoured in some areas but I always found myself in the right place . And after I achieved every goal I desired , I found myself questioning am I worthy of more. How strange is that?

Remember when I told you I was trying find myself again? Well this is totally a part of that journey. First thing I’ve done in my journey is realizing that I am worth , LIFE! Yes , life. Something as simple as living and breathing is often taken for granted to the point of not realizing that you deserve to be living . And since I and you deserve to be living , make life important.

Just because things have not happened for you in the way you think that things should happen for you doesn’t mean that you not worthy of things happening just the way you desire them to happen. If you’ve failed in some areas , pick up the pieces and start over. If you are not satisfied in an area, change positions. You are worth more than you will ever know.


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