So where  I have been ?  My last post was in September. I was prepared to make a post about my birthday in October but I celebrated too much or something because I spent the rest of the year in a fog. I honestly had so much going on in the month of November and for some reason I couldn’t get my digestive system right . It was like I turned one year older and all the foods that I once loved to eat didn’t agree with my body anymore. It was strange …tragic but I managed to relearn how to eat . Now I need to know how to use what I eat and cut the calories . So much work ahead.  Enough on me let’s get down to what I’m here for …let’s talk !

I didn’t expect much from this election . I started off quite disappointed with who was running for office and what was on everyone’s agenda. I mean we had just went through another turbulent Summer. So many needless deaths, needless gun violence and yet we were more concerned on our conservative ideas of how a country should be ran that we neglected to acknowledge some of the biggest issues that we are facing .  Hopefully we will work toward a bigger resolve other than that I’m not interested in politics currently , well not interested in blogging about it .

I probably have lost a few friends because of my opinions on what is going on with our country. I am finding it hard to believe in some groups and others have baffled my mind. I agree that black lives matters, I disagree with those who think its a violent movement and won’t take the time to understand what is going on . I am outraged about the coverage received from some of the black lives matter rallies and the fact that communication was slow and delayed on the day of the insurrection. The saying is true some people have friends in high places and I’m not talking about angels.

Anthony has been on military orders ( civil unrest) since September . The funny thing about January 6 is that military had been preparing for this or something like this since late Summer . It’s pretty funny how no one is taking responsibility for the deaths or the fact that all of this was planned  . All of this could  have been avoided. Have you watched the videos of the men who were going in and out of offices looking for congress people?  The women who were sliding through windows, climbing walls just to gain access to something that we have once thought to be so sacred.

Then there was the inauguration, I felt sorry for our newly elected President . Seems like he didn’t get a chance to celebrate his victory or even to have the  best inauguration.  I was sad that he was locked out the white house and no one was there to greet him . I wished that the former President had  pushed pride aside and attended this ceremony just like those before him .  I wished this but I didn’t expect it . I was however caught up in the fashion of the inauguration . The moment when First Lady forever Michelle Obama stepped out in her monochromatic pant suit with that belt I was DONE!  Listen I was online most of the day looking for a long jacket. I have nowhere to wear this jacket but to the living room but let me tell I was ready to walk into the living room  in boldness. Next was Jennifer Lopez, her white ensemble was cute and her little Let’s get live moment was too , though I snickered a bit . I have to give an honorable mention to the sweet 22 year old who did the wonderful  poem , Amanda Gorman looked fantastic with her high bun braids and that yellow coat.  I wish that we could have put Kamala in some purple slacks, a shorter jacket and a fancy blouse.  Ok so I can say this here and hopefully no one will hate me but I didn’t like her outfit , the shade of purple was  however delightful.

Have you considered the vaccine I must admit that when I first heard of it I was more than a little skeptical.  I knew two things had happened. A. We are the first to be tested using it . B. well we are the clinical trial. This means that whatever happens they’ll find out after they’ve shot us all up. I have to be honest that while early on I was skeptical. NOW! I’m just so ready to get back into life that if they had me to drink some tea or even Koolaid at this point I would be willing to make that happen . I am more than ready to walk around and though I will be cautious I just want to do life like we used to . You know go to ball games without limited seating, touching things without regret. Well I’ve never touched anything without regret but you see where I am going.  I cannot tell you what to do but over 400,000 Americans have died before this vaccine I feel like this could be a way of helping to stop the spread.

Speaking of spread. Where are all the vaccines that we were promised. By now I should have been vaccinated but I have to wait because those who were supposed to be vaccinated already are still waiting . Who was in charge to place the orders for vaccines?

I want to talk about one particular executive order but Idk if I am prepared for the backlash. I’m giving  myself some time to get those thoughts together. I hope you enjoyed my time with you today and I look forward to all the things that we will talk about and share with each other this year.

Happy New Year!


Basically Tesha