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There is a big misconception out here . It’s something that has been really bothering me for quite some time . And probably something that I think about more and more as  I process through life. Here’s the thing , everyday there is a new someone who has decided to take the plunge into being a self starter and open their own business.  Whether its from lawn service to being a personal trainer , we have seen a major shift from the corporate world to the world of the self employed. I don’t think that there was ever a time in my life that I’ve seen such an influx of individuals wanting to work for themselves and its absolutely one the best things that I have seen in a long time. Probably there has never been a time in life where individuals have created their own wealth since the industrial revolution or before. Here’s the thing that would make it all worth while…if we take the time to congratulate , share and experience what someone else has to offer.

I’ve been a professional blogger for about a year . Before that year I was just blogging for fun . I knew there was a big world filled with bloggers that were professionals but I wasn’t quite sure how to tap into it .  So I spent months and months reading and navigating the world of blogging. Boy did this adventure teach me a lot . What I’ve learned on my journey is that in growing and developing yourself as a blogger you have to learn to appreciate those who paved the way before you. You learn from those who were in the game before you and you don’t become selfish in making yourself a brand , you have to learn how to share in the process with someone else. It doesn’t hurt to click like , share a post or allow someone to be a guest blogger on your page. By the way if you are just beginning a professional blog remember those tips in building your brand.  This process is not for the selfish .

Needless to say we are missing something in our generation .  Once there was a time that we would share information of people who could get the job you needed done . And after we find out they can complete the job we would give them more business by word of mouth . Now we live in a time that we are so selfish thinking someone is going to get rich and make a dollar off me that we do not try to give the proper recommendations needed to help someone establish their business. Trust me if helping someone is stopping you from being successful you have never heard of the word Karma!  Or the word reciprocity , what ever you put out with come back . We as the new generation of adults need to really change our thoughts when it comes to helping build someone else.

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As a mom and as a youth pastor I see this type of behavior in children often . Most of the time if that parent nurtures the child properly the child grows and realizes that there is enough room in life for everyone to have a place . WE ALL MATTER.  This lesson was learned for me when I was about 7 years old . When I was 7 my parents decided it was safe to have another baby . My little brother was born and I was so excited to finally have someone to boss around . But what I didn’t take into consideration is that this new baby required the time and attention that I used to get . And at first I was not buying it . I was like this was a good idea in theory but all of this time and patience that he needs is a little too much. Pretty soon I got over it , I think I was a great big sister to him. I took him to school , helped him read, I even taught him how to drive on the highway at way too high of a speed for a 17 year old. I realized that there was enough love and attention for all three of us . And though I thought I required more attention , in reality it was more than enough love  for all of us.  This is the way life is …nobody can dim your unique light.  So don’t try to dim anyone else’s unique light.

A major character flaw is when you cannot appreciate, patronize or embrace someone else’s career, talent , or hobby. As a blogger I don’t make a dime for a like or a share but it makes me feel good as a human that someone has taken a second and shared something that I put time and effort to contribute to the world. Our whole existence involves depending on someone or something to help us make it . We need insurance agents, realtors, contractors, painters, hairstylist , butchers, mechanics , personal trainers  and more . But they cannot be used if we don’t open our hearts to embrace what they have inside of them . It’s okay to click like, repost, share and talk about someone else . It’ll never dim your light…well basically,


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