When you think about Christmas you think about children.  I have a wide range of ages in my house. The older guys asked for money and then there is Piper who is figuring this whole thing about Christmas. (She will have her own post later .) Then there are my preteens who have everything a child could want. They don’t want toys , they have phones and tablets, we purchased Bibles last year so this year is really one of those years that we need to be a little more creative with their gifts. I learned lessons with my boys, they would ask for things and play with them on Christmas only and you never see the gifts again .  Again my house is full and I now how 3 girls. If you know anything about girls they don’t like to share so we were purchasing two the same things. Not at all practical. So in the past two years I have remedied that.  And here’s how.

I buy each of them 4 major things. Whatever else they get is extra. Something to read, something they need, something they want  and something they can wear. And though they ask for things their desires aren’t always practical so I secretly make my own list for them. We do add another thing to our list…thats something to give away . We typically do gift cards and last year we had a special person and sent a few gifts.

Here are a few things that I am considering for them this year and I will post it in each category , well all except what to wear because you can find clothes cheaper after Christmas or before the Holiday rush. And I don’t like to order clothes.

Something to Read

Something to read doesn’t mean a book that is already written. When I was around 10 years old my mother purchased my first Diary, I have kept some sort of diary or journal since that time.  So since my girls are around that age I think a scrapbook is in order. They will experience so many things in these next few months and years I want them to capture the moments and put them into their words. And because I have two girls that are of age this is the book that is currently in my cart for purchase.  And no worries here is a boy friendly one too.


Something You Need

There is no reason to have a scrapbook without any pictures. We have digital cameras but its not the same as an instant photo. I have tons of instant photos in all of my scrapbooks. So to not break tradition I found this instant camera on sale for 17% off and it comes with film in 6 different colors.


Something You Want

I try to add value to my children when I give gifts. So not just something that they want and it won’t benefit them but something that will be a viable asset to their life . Last year my girls started a bracelet business and within the first month the girls exceeded more than $500 in sales . This year they asked to add to their business and their pleasure . Here are my ideas for them and Buddy ( the boy).


To Give Away 

This year I figured we would give something away special. Let’s see how far this post can go and then we will give away this gift to the person who has liked, shared and commented on all of the post in the next 7 days.

I hope this list has helped you as you are preparing to shop for Christmas…Basically

Tesha .

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  1. I love the gel nail kit. I think the ideas are great. I am trying to find something to play with for the family.

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