So Summer is here and we all want to experience at least one vacation. But if your children are like mine they want to experience something weekly . I have discovered a few things that you can do with your children and still have enough money to blow on a real vacation.   Some of these things may be local or within my local area but it can be ideas that you can use in your area.  Let’s go!

Make a plan for your week . I say this so much, kids love it when they know something is about to happen.  I say pull out your planner on Sunday and schedule your events for Friday and Saturday. Make these adventures conditional. We are only doing these things based off your behaviors or how you worked and completed all of your weekly tasks.  And of course you can do things just because its Summer and you need that outlet.


  1. Movie night- Find your favorite movie or get a new movie that you have been anticipating and plan around the movie. You can plan your dinner around this event or make it  a midnight movie. We typically have a Friday Movie night . Our local cable company offers a few movie once a month and we will pick from those movies that they offer. Or if not we will usually pick from one of our many apps . We pop popcorn, and gather all the candy boxes that we love and as a family we enjoy a movie together.
  2. Outdoor Family Movie- This is so much fun. First I would suggest getting a bluetooth feature for your outdoor projector so that you won’t bother your neighbors. Bring the indoors to the outdoors. You can either use lawn chairs or bring out your sleeping bags.
  3. Camp out on your lawn. If you have ever wanted to camp out but you are too afraid to do it at an actual camp ground . Start first at your house. And the best part is that you don’t have to stay out all night. If you live in places like I live , you may see deer or bears( LOL) foxes and such. Give yourself just a few hours to gaze at stars , talk and get away from technology . You can always come in and shower and sleep in your own bed.
  4. Plan a fishing trip. The best part of fishing is that most likely you don’t have leave your city to fish.  Plan a day around it , bring food and a blanket and eat around the lake.  Plan your trip for early in the morning so that you can enjoy lunch while you fish and you don’t even have to catch fish . You can just relax around the water.
  5. Food truck fun. In my hometown there is an area located in our city that is filled with food trucks. Take your children on a food run. Allow them to pick one item from every truck. You can also do this for restaurants that you don’t typically eat in . If you have ethnic restaurants around your city order in and create your own all you can eat night at home.
  6. Cinemark Movie Theaters have Tuesday Specials ($5)  all day and Wednesday $1 Days. This is something that you can do to bring a little excitement to the middle of your week.
  7. Role Reversal day. Find a meal that your children can fix with no problem and not too much prep. (We have done this with sliders.) Allow your children to fix the meals and whatever dessert your family would enjoy and serve it to your family. Make it fancy . Bring out your best dishes and your nice table cloths.
  8. Take a day trip. One Summer back in 2017 we began a college tour. Now our children were very little and not very interested but it did two things, the walks on the campuses made them tired and they all fell in love with a school.  We are still doing these college tours because my husband and I love them .
  9. Museums. I live in the mid south and my area is a launch pad for some very famous people. In my area you can find anything from Alex Haley, Tina Turner,  Issac Hayes, Aretha Franklin and Elvis, there are things everywhere and with a flick of google you can find them and make day trips to these places and never regret it .
  10. Ice Cream night. Here’s how it will be great: make it a dessert challenge who can make the best Ice Cream Sundae. And provide prizes for it . You can team this around one of your favorite cooking shows and binge watch together.

I’m sure you can use this a map to have family fun and don’t break the bank…Basically


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  1. Y’all are great energetic parents blessings to fun times nothing like raising a family ❤️🙏

  2. Love the ideas!!y children also like weekly things to do. Next week we plan on going to the zoo and enjoy the splash pad.

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