So I decided to do a lifestyle change. It was my goal to introduce something new in my life all the while keeping a healthy disposition and maybe lose a few lbs while I was at it.

Yup I was was a vegetarian for what seemed like a lifetime but in reality was just one week.  I started my week eating a well rounded breakfast that consisted of proteins , oats , fruits and water. But who was I fooling all that extra stuff costs too much money to be eating just for myself and then to include my husband who thought it was a good idea to jump on the band wagon.

So after a few days we began to discuss plan B. And that was what foods that we were going to continue in our diet and what we were not going  to continue to have in our diet. So here’s our break down, all greens , and raw veggies will be a daily portion of our diet. Since I’m not trying to lose any little bit of my hair I am agreeing to continue to eat fish , turkey and occasionally chicken. Who are we fooling here, I will probably consume more chicken than anything.

Here is my new diet


special K strawberries, yogurt

boiled egg coffee


tuna , salad

turkey on glutten free whole grain bread




raw veggies

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