I have never been a morning person. I don’t ever remember waking up in the morning and being excited about it …even when it was Christmas I always wanted just a hour or two longer to marinate in the covers. And even if I did happen to wake up in the morning with the alarm I want quiet time to enjoy the thoughts I will have about that awkward dream I just had before I woke up ( I always have strange dreams before I wake up) . And then I need to contemplate whether or not I’m going to bathroom right away and I need to pray and command my day . There are several important things that I need to do before I just wake up. But since I have kids , they do not respect that time I need to wake up.  And honestly I cannot believe I actually birthed anybody who does not wake up like me.

When I had my first two kids they were calm and quiet much like I am in the morning and then I gave birth to the next set in my 30’s . You would think that with age the kids would be more calm and relaxed. Well they are not and the go to sleep and wake up the same way . LOUD. I have never in my life heard so much screaming and crying as I have in the last 6 years. And I guess because they are so close in age …they cry about everything and I mean everything .

Growing up I was a pretty independent , very quiet , no drama kinda kid . Give me a book a good movie and some food and I was fine. I never cried , I hardly complained and I ate whatever was placed in front of me . Most of all I always went to sleep when I was told and cooperated with most or practically all the things I was told to do…I had one problem, I was very clingy . I needed to know where my parents were at all times. AMF as I am writing this I saw my Dad walk thru the kitchen and disappear , NO LIE, I am wondering where he disappeared to, and when he comes back near me I’ll be sure to ask. So it didn’t come as a surprise when my second daughter took on that clingy blessing.

I have to be honest at first it was okay that she was constantly looking for us and wondering where we were . It was not out of the ordinary that she would hug us if we disappeared. She tells us she loves us often and she gives hugs all day . Shes kinda like a cat…she’s always somewhere just looking at me smiling . I’m pretty sure that’s payback for how I do my parents.  BUT the rest of this isn’t payback its just misery.

My kids go to bed hungry and wake up hungry. They go to bed irritated , they wake up irritated. And they are loud. VERY LOUD. EXTREMELY Loud. Now I ask you , my friends please tell me who I need to talk to in order to clear this up. Is there a doctor I need to take them too, Is there a device that I need to wrap them in for bed . Is there a remedy to keep them quiet in the morning ?


Up Early Still

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