The above picture shows my last days as a fancy free lady of the world. In just a few short weeks I became Mrs. Tesha Cummings because I refused to change my last name. In the few short months after this picture was taken I realized what the word sacrifice really meant.

You know as a little girl I never knew why my mother didn’t want me following her into the bathroom when she got dressed. And I never knew what her deal was when , I always wanted to go with her and those times where she just wanted to be alone. I didn’t realize the real sacrifice marriage did to your lifestyle.

I got married on a beautiful day ( giggle). ┬áThe sun was shining , we had plans to do big things after becoming Mr.&Mrs. I feel like I have told this story a thousand times and we’ve only been married 4 years. But my life changed immediately when I moved into his current apartment. He gave me a 1/4 of his closet space. I had left most of my clothing back home and had not planned to move everything out until we were settled into our new house. Suddenly I was living in a suit case , who would have thought I would still be packed up (LOL).

We settled in I got used to my 3 hangers I had in the closet. I spent weeks cleaning up, changing scents in the house till I realized this is not home. We moved and the rest is history.

But as the days fast rapidly I can’t but to notice the big sacrifice I made just to be married. There are many Sunday’s I come to church , getting dressed in the car. I gave birth to too many children at one time and my time is so consumed with their needs that sometimes I look in the mirror after a long day and jump , who is this person in the mirror . The way I look and the way I feel are two different individuals.

I used to wake in the morning and worry about three individuals. Peyton, Pier and Me. And because they are boys they seemed to be less needy than the average person. Besides that they spent a great deal of time with my parents I didn’t really realize all the needs that went into having a family.

I have found myself worried about everything, that I have sometimes had to come back and say get a hold to your life. . I am up at night calculating bills , paying this, paying that , adding up how much I can save on pampers if I do it this way, looking through the ads online to see whats on sale and buying accordingly , I am picking out paint , looking at brick samples. I go shopping for the family and because I am trying to look out for everybody else in the family that sometimes I have to say , take a coffee break. Enjoy the breeze!

Wives , sacrifice so much just so the family can run effectively that there are times that you lose yourself. Don’t lose yourself in the hustle of life, take time and enjoy the breeze.

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