I cannot remember how I entered the year 2017 . I imagine that I was in bed waiting on the clock to say 12:00 AM and worried if I would get enough sleep to make it to church the next morning. I however could have exactly prepared for what would happen in 2017 . And although I thought each moment was much more difficult than the last thing that I faced ,  I made it  and in the midst of it I realized , I’m still breathing , I’m still laughing , I still have the same smile and my family his healthy and happy. In the words of Celie from the color purple,  I’m still here. That only means one thing… I miraculously survived 2017 . And because I made it , I am thankful for every  obstacle I endured  and every successful moment I achieved in 2017.

There were a lot of life changes in the last year. My husband had joined the Air force the previous year ( I know , who does that in their late 30’s …its some wonderful advantages ) that along with his civilian job allowed us to only spend 3 full months together . I didn’t know that I would actually enjoy that moment that he left but we managed, we made it and we survived.  He will possibly do some of the very same things this year. Fortunately I won’t endure that blindly I will know what to expect and roll with the adventure.  And even though the military keeps us informed on things to do its more of a calming situation to already know what will happen before it happens.

This year I launched my first website. I have been blogging since 2006 but I never knew that it was bigger than my wordpress blog page. I never knew the road trip I would go on in just a few short months . I have really enjoyed learning ,  reading , discovering other blogs, finding people who are just like me living life and enjoying life has made my life so interesting and I have to say that it was the peak of my year. Sometimes you have to take risks and invest in your life. I am so glad that I took the risk and met so many wonderful people along the way.

One of my good friends moved out of the country . She is now a Canadian . I didn’t realize that a country that was attached to us would be so different than we are. She’s had to learn so many things from how to fill up her car to how to buy groceries using the metric system. She sent me a receipt from a normal drug store visit where she spent $60 on tylenol and rubbing alcohol.  And though we consistently talk about our gas prices at least we don’t have to spend a lot of money for simple tylenol or be forced to keep a certain amount of money in our checking account that is well beyond $5 ( LOL ) . I’m praying that she enjoys her adventure in Canada. It has already been a great adventure. And the best part is that she has made friends already. Don’t you love it when you’re easy to make friends?!

2017 marked the ending of my eldest son’s high school career. As we count down the months until he walks across the stage I cannot help but imagine the day 17 years ago when he was born . I never knew that those nights he stayed up teething and crying would only be a short time in reflection to this time in his life. I pray that he makes great choices and that his life goes above and beyond what his father and I have done.

I’m ready to take on 2018 . I pray for much success for all who reads this and for my entire family.

Loving life…Basically


8 thoughts on “2017 In Reflection”

  1. It sounds like the only thing that was consistent for you last year WAS change. I look forward to reading more about how these changes have paid off in this upcoming year! Be blessed.

  2. So many things happen each year…I feel like I often forget most of the small important milestones. I may keep a journal this year and mark special events in it with the date(s) it occurred on. This may make for a fun New Years tradition to read back on my year.

  3. Canada requires you to keep a certain balance in your bank account? Yikes. I never knew that! I wonder how that works out with economically disadvantaged families.

  4. What a year! Your words for your oldest ring so true! My parents are sending their youngest away to college soon + it’s definitely bitter sweet! Cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for you!

  5. Wow, congrats to your friend moving to Canada- that’s a huge change! Crazy about the tylenol and alcohol… but at least she’s getting amazing healthcare!!

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