ho would have ever believed that 2011 would go by fast. I can remember last year after moving to Birmingham, AL we spent our very first Christmas expecting the birth of our first little girl. I was only 5 months along kinda fat and counting down the days til I was able to get back into a belt and a pencil skirt and let us not forget those four inch platforms.

Christmas 2010 was a bit unusual, not only did we get our first snow fall in 20 years on Christmas but it was my first time that I was ( and not from college) driving in and making arrangements about where and when Christmas would take place. Sometimes the last few days of the year can really determine how your next year will turn out.

After driving back to Birmingham my husband and I spent New Year’s Eve watching Netflix Movies. On that same day we found out we were in fact having a little girl. So the earlier part of the day we bought a few pink items for the baby  which was something new for me , I was used to boys. We had planned to stay up the entire night and indulge in film , little did I know that before 10 PM he would be sleeping . I prepared myself to welcome the new year in alone. With a peanut butter snickers, a big kit kat and a bag of cheetoes I lifted my glass of water and counted down to midnight , and as the old year ended and new year began lightening struck and a roll of thunder sounded.  Alarmed I reached for my husband who was by then snoring uncontrollably , he didn’t move. I  then reached for the phone to make sure I was not the only person who heard the thunder roar. I wasn’t alone, no fireworks went off that night, there were no yells or screams from neighbors and little to no traffic.

The year came in chaotic.  The months seemed to drag,I can remember wanting the spring to hurry up and come but it never seemed to happen. I can also remember driving through the rain and storms as the tornadoes ripped through the south in April.  Funny thing is that right after the storm is when I was blessed to finally give birth to my baby, PK.

Although this year was filled with chaos and disappointment it was also year of reconciliation and change.  Somehow even though we lost lives and certain thing ended it seemed like God was preparing us for a clean slate for the new things that were in store for us in the next year. In this year relationships were also renewed, and confirmed.

As we spend the next 20 days or so decorating our homes, buying Christmas gifts , and having Christmas parties , lets reflect on the year and what we have done , and what we have not done. Take some time to mend some relationships, take time notes on yourself and ask yourself what can I change about myself that could possibly change the outcome of my  life in the next year , then  take some time to laugh, love and be happy!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!