I don’t count myself as a professional relationship expert but in recent years I have had my fair share of hits and misses when it comes to the opposite sex . And if it has taught me anything its taught me what to really look for when trying to find the right one for me.

I think that everyone has been in the situation where they have felt that there was no one in the world that could possibly be their direct match or even if there was actually someone out there for them  where  would you find them. Now I do not have a scientific method to find the right one but I believe that I can definitely give pointers in finding the right one.

A few years ago I stumbled upon my husband .  The funny thing about it was that of all the men that I had met in that one particular year he was actually the last person that I saw myself married to. It wasn’t that he was ugly or any other thing it was just that I didn’t think that we would possibly be compatible and above all I just didn’t think that I wanted to give him a chance.  We met one day before my birthday in 2007 , it was a chance meeting . I actually thought that he was someone who I knew from a previous time . Or maybe he was someone who I had met in passing but for some reason he had a familiar face , as if he was a part of my life for some time. And that’s exactly how our relationship started out. We talked to each other as if we were old friends and for some time we were , “just friends!”

I never thought I would ever say this in my life but its good to  just be friends. In that time that my husband and I were just friends I really got to know him as a person. And we found out most of the most embarrassing characteristics of our lives. I knew when he was out of a job and he knew the day I lost my boyfriend. It was just a time that we relaxed , we didnt concentrate on previous relationships, we didnt concentrate on future relationships and we never tried to impress each other . We spent time talking about life and life goals, politics and God . We were just two people that just happened to meet and we became two people that enjoyed each others conversation.

After a  year of just talking to one another , I noticed that this man had a little bit more for me than I once knew. I agreed to finally meet him in a general location for dinner. One dinner became a date and pretty soon we were actually seeing one another and it was at last our relationship became  official , we were a couple.  It was an easy transition because we had built a great foundation of friendship and if nothing else we knew how to express our feelings and thoughts because we always had good conversation.

I often laugh about our meeting and our relationship now and the most funny thing about it is, the moment I get so terribly mad at him and want to say all the things that you would like to say but know it’s not so good to say, I remember all of those late night conversations and how easy it is for us to just talk it out . His comforting words allow me to realize why I am here with him today.

I know you are saying , what does this have to do with me finding the one but I have clearly given you some major things to look for in finding the right one. Let’s recap : 1. Get out of your comfort zone and give the person you would least likely consider a chance. 2. Develop a friendship 3. Leave your past relationships in the past 4. Learn that communication is done by talking and 5. Have fun no relationship is worth always being nervous around a person.

Have fun withdating take your time and enjoy the dating moments !

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  1. So pleased to read you found each other. I have been writing about that in journals too, for 13 years!’ Also about healing and finding real love of self love before I can find true love 😉 jenuine.co.uk

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