With a smile he greets her .  He leans in for a hug and she backs up and places her hand out to shake  his hand. His big smile diminishes to a half grin but who cares at this point its time to get the date started.  The restaurant is already selected and its now time for dinner. During dinner as he ordered chicken tenders and fries and as she orders the fish of the day and a Quiche, she can’t help but to notice the odd way he bites his lip and rubs his eyebrow as he talks to her. Is this a nervous habit or is he just weird . As the dinner is served and after he puts the napkin around his shirt, she realizes that she doesn’t really like him. And for the remainder of the dinner , she looks at the ceiling , the floor , checks her cell phone often , pretends that her food is too much to handle and constantly looks for the waiter just in the hope that this dinner will end just as quickly as it started. Heading to the their next destination , she talks about all the things that she has to do in the morning and how it’s so important to get some good rest. Suddenly she reaches for her phone in a panic, she says its her boss sending her an email and that she must go because she has to get some work done before the morning.  And the date ends. She leaves and walks off and as casual and polite she says , ” call me.”

The next few days she tries to forget the date and promises to herself and her friends that she will never ever go out with him again. But even though she says that , she still politely answers his phone calls, replies to his wall post on facebook with kind thank you for the date , she answers his text messages and tells him to call her later on because she’s sort of busy but wants to answer him. He on the other hand takes this as if she likes and he tries to have another date with her. She on the other hand is just being nice but always has something to do . She just cannot bring herself to say , ” I don’t really like you . ”

We have all been in this situation and just like the examples I have used above you cannot see that the other person just doesn’t like you . Here’s what to look for when you want to know if the other person likes you . First things first , eye contact is very important, good conversation is also a great thing,  a date will never be cut short for work ( we’ve stayed up late for work), texts will usually have more words than , “thank you ,” or “call me later”, and last but not least everyone says thank you on replies on facebook!!!