The entire month of March will be dedicated to some of my favorite shows and to tell you why I watch them and what I get from them . I know I am starting early but I want to make sure that I devote as much time to them as need be . The first show that I will talk about is Keeping up with Kardashian’s . I will probably break this down into two sections but the first one will be on Kylie Jenner.

In the early part of February when our minds and hearts were not on Kylie and wondering if she in fact had a baby bump a video was released . A seven minute video and I was there for all of it. As the video came on it showed her birth story . It was broken down into interviews from some of closest friends. They said things like …” when I found out about you …” and it goes on to a dinner party that included her baby daddy’s family  . We met Chicago West in this video and finally we welcomed Stormi into the world at the end of the video. I can honestly say it was the sweetest video. I actually admired her ability to keep the entire pregnancy to herself . And the fact that when she was ready to announce  she had the the opportunity to announce it on her watch . I was intrigued by the baby shower, the massive amounts of money she spent on that day alone. And that the entire time she was knowledgeable enough to put together a video for all of her fans. I took it all in , I waited the few days for her to announce the name of the baby . And because I don’t really know her baby’s father I had to look him up. Who was he ? What did he do? I wanted to know things.  I was interested and though I was an college freshman when Kylie was born …I was just there for all of it .

After all of this I had to be a realist about the whole situation . It was in a quick reality checking moment that I said…Kylie is a baby Mama. But she’s not just a baby mama she’s a multi-millionaire baby mama. Which means that she has the money to afford a baby alone .  She has the money to afford a (or multiple ) full time nanny.  She has the ability to continue own with her life , even if she and her new boyfriend doesn’t work out.

But has she set every other girl who isn’t married up for failure? YES. I remember being 21 , unmarried and pregnant. It was horrible . And the fact that me and the father of my son couldn’t get it together was the worse. Its not even about the money because I never struggled or lacked . It was the fact that I had to somehow raise this child and know that one day I will marry someone else. He will always have a different father and there will be many days that we just won’t get along . And then one day he or I will bring someone into their life and it was up to us to accept it . Period.

I thought about all the single ladies who are doing gender reveal parties alone . All of those who want lavish baby showers and have to have them alone and those who never gets proposed to . We want to live like we are famous. Announcing the birth of our child, only posting pictures of our babies after weeks of people wanting to see the baby . We are breaking the bank for showers, clothes, baby gear just to keep up with the Kardashians and then we don’t invest in our children’s life in other ways.

Let us not forget that this lady has a make up line she and her sister have a successful clothing line and she is on a hit television show . Not to mention some of the other things that she’s doing . She owns several homes and probably a lot of other things that we don’t know about . Her life is far more vast than most of ours and bigger than some of us will ever be. Don’t let the idea of what she has become your only view in life.

Have these reality shows set us up for failure?

If I could do it all over again and knew what I know now . My bank account would have had more than $2000 in it before I had a baby . Better yet I would have waited till I was married. We need to learn how to build an empire for ourselves…even it means completing our education and getting a job.  Let’s not let individuals who have way more than us become our reality causing us to only grow in some areas but not all …well basically




20 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner is a Baby Mama”

  1. I tell my kids all the time to “stay in their own lane” and focus on themselves and not what someone else is doing. They are 7 and 10 but I believe the earlier I teach them to focus on bettering themselves and getting ahead in life, it will pay off in the long run. I refuse to watch those Kardashians as I just don’t think they are good role models for the younger generation and I am still trying to figure out how they have contributed positively to society. Being a single parent is hard friggin work and they somehow have managed to even make that look appealing to the younger girls in society.

  2. I love this! Wisest thing I have heard in a while. When and where I grew up, before the time of the Kardashians, I feel me and my friends were way more career focused. Where I live now it is definitely not this way, and I agree people are so quick to have a kid, spend money to look like they too are a celebrity, but underneath are working two jobs and abusing handouts from their parents or whoever they can use! I agree shows like this set some up for failure.

  3. lol it does make it seem like anyone can do it easily when you see a single parent who’s a millionaire. but good for her, and thank goodness she has the money to make it work and the support for so many people around her.

  4. I absolutely love and respect you for the way u ended the article. We have to stand up for ourselves no matter what. In india when women be stubborn they are called headstrong. We are still living in a male dominant world. And i wish for each of us women to grow out of our comfort zones and be our own heroes?

  5. I give Kylie kudos for keeping her childs best interest at heart. It is clear she just wanted to be the best mother she could be from the start.

  6. I have actually never seen this show! I do watch some of the Housewives reality tv series though. I think mostly because it is an entertaining escape from reality, because as you said, the way these celebrities are living is definitely not real life!

  7. I hope people don’t base their lives around that kind of standard! If they do then yes, of course they are setting themselves up for failure. I don’t watch or really care about this set of individuals…just not my cup of tea. But if I did I would understand that it’s just television and entertainment and not something to set stock in!

  8. Very well said. I feel like it’s so important, especially for the younger adults, to remember that Kylie makes it look glamorous but more often than not the reality of a pregnancy when a person is that young isn’t ideal. Great post!

  9. I completely agree with you Tesha! We should not follow the celebrities life because they are in showbiz and the completely different world. We should have our own ideologies, beliefs and whatever best works for us!

  10. Tesha, sounds like you are on a sacred, heart opening journey – just to come home to your beautiful self. Thank you for sharing your experience and for elevating awareness of what it was like for you. With blessings, Evelyn,

  11. Makes total sense. I haven’t been following with the whole Kylie having a baby news but I think you’re right about us all judging her and not knowing what she’s capable of. She’s definitely prepared enough to bring that baby into this world.

  12. Kylie Jenner has been through a lot and I think it’s really important that we don’t look at how she is at social media and just think at how much she’s built over the past years. She’s definitely ready and able to raise a baby!

  13. THIS! I have nothing specifically against the Kardashian women, but like most celebrities, I feel they don’t speak to their fans on a realistic level and explain that their reality, isn’t everyone’s reality

  14. I couldn’t believe the reveal! It’s crazy how everyone suspected it, but they wouldn’t say anything. I think it’s great that she wanted to keep this part of her life private until she was ready.

  15. You are so true and right in this context, I agree with you. Instead of getting affected by the reality shows and the life the reality tv stars live, we should not get de-focussed of our goals, situations, and dreams.

  16. It is interesting how you present the comparison between a normal single young mom and a celebrity millionaire. I don’t believe in failure, I think we deal with different paths and challenges. Success really depends only on your own goals, so I don’t think the Jenner situation could be (neither should be) the “example” to be compared with, or even a standard one should wish for.

  17. I have to be honest, I have never watched an episode of this in my life! But you make it sound more interesting looking at it in this way than just a reality TV show x

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