Having grown up in a house full of men I thought that I would have the advantage when it came time to get married. I thought I understood the male smell, I could deal with all the talk about sports, spitting was of a common place in my house. I got pushed around, tripped consistently , pushed down the stairs. I picked out my brothers clothes, I understood waist and length, shoe size. I paid attention to men’s fashion, and cologne flavors. I just thought I was the perfect woman for a man , that is until I got married.

The day I got married I understood the book , Men are from Mars and Women are from Jupitar, or whatever its called. Men and women are two totally different beings and unless you don’t care about nothing in life , you will never meet a perfect man.  Even though we women are more than just perfect (:)) we’re the epitome of perfection. OK so I’m pushing the envelop a little bit but it is quite true that women  , don’t , will and won’t ever think like a man. No matter what Steve Harvey says!!! ( Please tell him I said that )

So we as women have to adjust and when I say adjust I really mean we have to adjust to the mind of a man.  Yes he’ll do simple things like get up extra early in the morning to do things for themselves and totally forget when you need to do things for yourself. They cannot remember to pay all the bills, forget about the toilet seat, they never know when the house is out of soap or toilet paper until they cannot find any and when the garbage has no garbage bag in their mind it is OK to just throw garbage in the empty pail, so what if the clothes aren’t dry in the dryer , that one shirt can be wrinkle just because they cannot seem to put up their clothes in the right place and they cannot find a shirt that they need. Men hardly ever think about a rainy day fund, that Sony 60 inch HD television is far more important. Who cares about buying groceries for the family, eat up what you find in the kitchen and then ask , ” what you gone cook?” And don’t let them get a hobby , they will emerge themselves totally in the hobby with time and money forgetting about everything else but what they are doing at the moment , which brings me right to multi-tasking … it will never happen!!!

We women will never understand the mind of a man and we should not ever try , the thing we must do is to stop bashing men because of lack of understanding but we should embrace the creature that God created first.  The man is designed to be the head of the family and we should celebrate him just as that, the head, and stay in our lane as the women. Beautifully the mind was developed to be different for the man and the woman . I see my son’s (12,8) already preforming in their role as protector and I am teaching them how to be givers and my little girl (1) is already in her lane bossing her brothers and figuring out how to nurture and love and her father is teaching her how to become a receiver in the love and the chastising that he gives.

All in all women stay in your lane, love your mate and love life!!!