Growing up I have never thought about being an underdog . I actually didn’t even know what an underdog was until I was much older. And even then I had a hard time understanding why anyone wanted to be associated as the underdog.  I was taught to present myself as a winner , even if you don’t exactly feel like a winner. In the very beginning it was more of something that I molded to become but as I got older it was a way that I thought about life. It was not that I thought I was better than the next person or that I looked down on the next person , I was just confident in who I was and what I wanted to do in life . It was just a state of mind. A confidence that I carried throughout my entire adult life. And it wasn’t until someone pointed it out that I would even realize that it could be noticeable .  I thought as a winner in every aspect of life. A lesson that I am passing down to my children but all people are not taught the same. And sometimes this can be a problem through their entire life.

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One day in my late 20’s I met this person and their life was the direct opposite of the life that I had experienced. At the very beginning I thought that maybe this person was experiencing some bad situations in life.  Everyone is born with the ability to become successful but sometimes communication can affect their entire lives.  At the beginning I chose to ignore this situation because every now and then you run into some people who just have some issues in some areas. You listen , you learn and you deal with it. Well the stories never ended there were more and more stories. In every situation of their life they faced the same issues over and over again . I could not understand that a person who has the same life as mine , a person who has all of the opportunities in the world . A person who could possibly be one of the smartest , most intelligent persons in the world is facing a world as the underdog. And unfortunately as much as they continued to soar in life through their jobs and their talents there was still a vulnerable place of insecurity that would surface daily .

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See I could not understand the position this person was facing because I had not faced those issues myself. But I took note of the situation . In these sort of situations you should always take note because sometimes people perceive things about themselves that no one else sees. I had to take a moment and think about how I was thinking about them as a person .  As I took note I was reminded of the scripture , (As a man thinks so is he ) if you think something about yourself for so long , you become that person . Could this person possible be the underdog just because this is the way they think about their life . And because they think this way is it an outwardly expression that makes everyone else around them feel the exact same way about them . ABSOLUTELY!

Before anything can become a ,”Thing, ” it has to be conceived in the mind . If you start thinking something for so long you will then become what you think. And what you talk about the most becomes your reality . So many times we allow our thoughts to captivate our life. At this point you are literally wearing your feelings on your sleeve. And once everyone realizes that this is how you feel about yourself they will then start to try to use to their advantage against you. The best thing that you can do is learn to eliminate the mind of the underdog.

How do you eliminate the mind of an underdog:

  1. Change your thoughts about yourself.
  2. Take on a positive outlook.
  3. Expect the best for yourself.
  4. Learn to be confident in what you can do and how well you can do it.
  5. Listen more talk less.
  6. Detox your thoughts against those who have hurt you .
  7.  Invite others into your space openly , honestly and without reservations.
  8. Leave the past in that past.
  9. Think bigger than you thought yesterday ( practice this daily ).
  10. Think successfully.


Change your thought patterns , change your life…Basically