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I have a lot of women that talk to me about weight loss and weight gain and being the perfect size.  And the truth is , everyone isn’t going to be that perfect size and its okay. The most important thing is not being skinny but its important that mom’s and dad’s take pride in their health for their kids sake.

In the early 2000’s I had a health scare. I was a new mom and a college student that lived off chips and sodas. In 1999 I weighed around 170 pounds. And though I am 5’7″ it was more than enough weight for my small frame. I needed to eliminate somethings from my diet but I wasn’t sure what was to go first. I learned pretty early that it wasn’t what I was eating it was more  Needless to say I changed my diet totally and within months I was around 125 pounds.

The thing that we need to realize that being healthy is not just about what you’re eating , its how you think and feel about yourself as well.  Positivity never hurt anyone , if you think happy thoughts of yourself , you will automatically feel better about yourself. And if you feeding yourself positive energy , outweighs feeding yourself bad foods  .

I wrote a book about my journey in being the Skinny Mama, here are a few things that I have in my book that can help you on your journey to being healthy.

1. Eat to Live. We often just eat from stress, emotional distress, and for comfort . And in those times we pick up the most inexpensive foods we can find . And most of the times those foods aren’t very healthy for us . In those times find things that can help you out with those hunger pains . Fresh Fruit, nuts and empty calorie foods can help you when you are in those moments where you just need to chew.  And it doesn’t hurt to take time to meditate and not eat. You may also want to kill the gum because it generally makes you hungry even when you’ve just eaten .

2. Cut down on your quantities . This is the first thing I did when trying to trim my waist line was to pay attention to what I was putting into my body and how much I was putting into it.  There were quite a few times where I would eat an entire family size bag of chips in one setting. Instead of just saying I will not eat chips anymore , I started looking at the serving size. There are nine servings in a bag of chips . Take those and place them in baggies and only eat one or so per week . No need to eat an entire bag of chips in one week.  Make sure you understand how many calories are in the item that you are considering eating. It is also safer to eat more from home and not so many fast food restaurants.

3. Add exercise to your life.  I was in college and couldn’t find a good parking spot I learned the importance of exercise. Only 20 minutes a day can get your heart pumping and get you in the right position to lose weight. Everyday I take 20 minutes for myself just for cardio , walking/running.  Its good for your heart and if you are at a great speed you can also eliminate those unwanted calories. Don’t spend money on a gym you can get rid of those calories by just hanging out with your kids for one day .

All of these things and more can help you on your goal of being the best Mommy you can possibly be …Basically !

11 thoughts on “The Skinny Mama…”

  1. I find stress eating the most difficult to overcome. It’s funny how I have these fruits on my desk, but I still opted for junk food. The struggle is real.

  2. I started weight lifting about 7 years ago and yoga three year before my weight lifting life. I m sure taking just 20 mins a day can really do wonder for our health, be it cardio or resistance training.

  3. Those are all valuable tips! I can’t stress enough the importance of having an healthy relationship with food!

    Em @14daysof

  4. Eating to live is so important and yet so damn difficult. I struggle with this on a regular basis because I really do love the flavors of stuff that just isn’t properly fueling my body!

  5. Your story is inspiring! I don’t believe in quantity and I can’t eat a lot at once. Small multiple meals are the key

  6. These are some great tips to lose weight and keep fit. Regular exercise works wonder for the mind and the body.

  7. Thank you for these great tips! I agree with all of them, especially being happy and positive about your body. That’s quite difficult when everybody around you is despising you for your appearance, but I learnt with age we learn to love ourselves more than listening to others.

  8. This is great advice. It is so hard to deal with the pressure of being a certain way sometimes but you gave some really solid advice here to live the best life you can.

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