I  have been missing. And let me start off by saying that this little baby that I had two years ago has me wondering …how did I  do it when I  had 3 that were virtually the same age. God gives grace to the young because…Girl.

Needless to say we have made it to the Spring and Summer will be here before we know it . I  have had a small time to add some things to my summer need list as I travel and just lounge around the house.  I  think you will love my list and if you decide to purchase please let me know . I  absolutely love it when people share with me what they have been crushing on and enjoying. This list will be all self care products that I  love .

Before we go I will list some affiliate links. Just know that I  will make a small fee on these links but it is no money out of your pocket if you click and make a purchase.

First on my list are press on nails. Remember back during the early days of Covid and not being able to get into the nail salon. I had to learn how to do my nails. Well basically I  had to learn how to do a lot of things but nails were the first thing on my list. I would go bi weekly to nail shop and get my nails trimmed and painted (gel) . I  knew I  couldn’t do this at home so there needed to be an alternative. I  found these nails and I  fell in love. You guys they last 2 weeks and they don’t pop off or catch on my clothes . They are absolutely perfect . And for me they are the perfect length and it takes just seconds to place on my fingers.


The next item I  saw on tiktok and I had to try it . This is the creamiest cream that I  have found and it feels like Summer. Do you remember back in the 1990’s and it was time to put on those shorts so you found the creamiest lotions you can find so that your legs and arms could have the best glow. This that same moisture and it will last all day. And the light fragrance is perfect for the Summer especially where I  live where the mosquitos and flies take over .


And because I added that I  can’t help but to add the spray that can go hand in hand with this lotion. And let me tell you this is probably all I  will be wearing during the week in the Summer.

I  love lipstick and because I  do I  have to take care of my lips. I  will sing the praise of another big brand but lets face it , I have children and if I  have an extra $40 I  am not spending it on lip moisturizer. To me this is the big brands equivalent and the boot on the applicator is perfection.  And that price is unbeatable.


I  love a great sunscreen  and if you aren’t wearing sunscreen daily I  encourage you to do so. I have worn a lot and most of them leave a chalky consistency. Recently we attended an outdoor event and put a sunscreen on that was basically a foundation. When I  left the event I  had that white chalky consistently on the outside of my face it was hideous. I  remembered that there was in fact a sunscreen available for black girls and I   stocked up.  This is perfect and it doesn’t leave that cast. And you can put it under your makeup.


Skin care is so important in the summer . I  like a dewy almost no makeup/ makeup face during the week . Very clean with a little blush and mascara. You cannot achieve that with a not so good skin care routine. This particular one that I  love may be a bit costly but it has everything that you need to wake your skin up  and if you are around my age it can help with being proactive in the aging process.  I  specifically use the vitamin c oil twice a day. It makes my skin feel great and allows the makeup that I  do use during the week glide on smooth and effortlessly.

I  hope you guys enjoyed all the things that I’ve listed for some of your summer needs. We have to really catch up soon…Basically.