The older I get the more I am glad that I was born the ONLY girl in my family. Don’t get me wrong some times in my life I have wondered how life would be if I only had a sister and then I had two girls.  And I had to buy two of everything, and if it isn’t the exact same dress and around the same shoes , they are not happy . The funny thing about it is my eldest daughter hates to dress like her younger sister , who’s just 12 months younger than she . Needless to say after a day of screams and pinches , and moans and groans, I feel blessed to have been born the ONLY daughter.

My brother’s and I got into it when we were younger. There were some days that we just wanted to be alone . I didn’t want them in my room, times where we didn’t wanna look at each other , But the thing about it , all you had to say was something silly and the fight was all over.  And we really have never had problems with each other , other than the usual fights and disagreements that you have when you are siblings. The wonderful thing about it is that we never held grudges against each other. Well known that I know of and if I find out anything at this point I will stand corrected as well as not keep it going . I do believe that we have the kind of relationships that love goes further than our hate.

I said all of that to say that all of these REAL HOUSEWIVES Shows have created a false reality for regular people. We have thought too much and have created scenarios around events that aren’t a current reality for our life. We have made up stories in our heads to be mad for and many times these stories don’t even exist. We have painted a portrait of people that isn’t exactly their reality . It’s the worst feeling to be mad at someone that isn’t even thinking about you . We become angry because someone didn’t recognized you  in a car driving down the street. We are angry because someone is thinner than you, taller than you , has a better head of hair than you . And then in our minds we let the estrogen that God has put on the inside of us and abuse the rights to hold it in our bodies.Yes we are abusers of estrogen when we allow our emotions to control us.  To saturate our thoughts and consume our worlds.

I can remember a time before social media and before they were fighting on reality shows, that people just talked about you behind your back . And if they were true about the way they feel about you , they didn’t speak to you when they saw you . And if you were okay with your life and where you were going with your life , you didn’t care, life would move on . And then one day out of the blue they would start talking to you again . BUT NOW we hold things in and we wait to the most inappropriate time to have needless outbursts about things that we have held in for weeks, months and years. WHY? Well we have let rage build up in our hearts and put it on our minds . And if we are not successful at expelling waste , we end up exploding at the wrong times. We have allowed the Real Housewives, Love and Hip and other unhealthy reality shows be our compass for solving problems.

I have to tell you , I have faced some of these moments . And have said things that you didn’t know was on the inside of you . The worst part of it is, once you say it you can never take it back . And once you’ve said everything you thought you wanted to say or needed to say you then have to deal with what was said . Chances are you have made something that could have been fixed a situation that’s possibly ruined forever .  And then there are people that will look at you differently because they suddenly see a part of you that they have never seen before . Now you are in a position that you have to apologize to them and the person you hurt. Well only if you are the bigger person . Chances are you don’t apologize to anyone and then you are stuck in a place where you don’t wanna be , not trusting , bitter and possibly sick  .

Ever watch those shows snapped. When one day the wholesome housewife snaps and kills their husband , the kids and the cat. And they run away thinking that they won’t be found , feeling scared and wondering why they didn’t just take a coffee break. Yet they are found and placed in prison for the rest of their lives only because they could not control their “rageful” emotions.

Let’s take some time and think before we speak . Life is bigger than fights and outbursts and being mad at people …Basically



5 thoughts on “When Rage Builds”

  1. I so enjoyed your post. I agree, life is certainly bigger than fights and outbursts and being mad at people. Unfortunately, for some its entertaining hence why the whole Bravo network is so successful!

  2. You’re right, people can take things WAY out of proportion and get too wrapped up in living a life of interpersonal drama. Guess it makes me all the happier that we don’t watch TV in our house, so don’t have to worry about these shows!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I am the youngest out of two older brothers. They are actually ten years older and I was almost raised an only child my later years. I don’t know what i would have done with a sister.

  4. It’s always wise to think before we speak and to know our breaking point… everyone needs a break or a little help sometimes to help keep balance in our lives….

  5. You’re right it is so much easier to talk about things and work them out. Internalizing things only creates pent up animosity that eventually spirals into uncontrollable rage. Thanks for reminding us talking still works best!

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