I just want to take  a moment and talk about weddings . One of my friends is getting married and I have to tell you I liked her better before she was getting married . I mean its no reflection on her or her peaceful personality ( she won’t read this ) and we are totally good as long as she doesn’t talk about this wedding. But the moment she mentions it , it’s like she turns into a totally different person. She’s mean, she’s asks for things that she would not normally ask for , and  she has many questions about things that she already has a made up mind about . I am wondering if this is about her special day or is it about a special day for others to admire?!

When my husband and I got married 20 years ago ( seems like it ) we put very little effort in our wedding day. Was it on purpose , no and if I could do it all over again I probably would still have a simple garden wedding again . And that’s fine especially because that day was just about us and we chose to invest in our life and not in our wedding . There is certainly different strokes for different folks but you have to wonder are we wasting time and money for a day that we are not even going to enjoy because we are so busy trying to make the day perfect.  We are really wasting money on one day and some of us don’t even have the relationships to back the weddings up , remember this is just one day .I have asked myself why do we invest in the wrong things anyway. I guess I’ll never find the answer.

So as this month approaches for my sweet friends day she has asked me to hire a make up artists to do my make up ($50) I have to purchase my dress ($209) my shoes ($90) get my hair fixed ( $120) now if you have not added that up already that’s $469 for one day . This is not even calculating all the money she is spending on one day. She has a dress, flowers, decorator, musicians, venues, and all the other things that she wants to happen on one day . I wanna say Girl we won’t be mad at you if your napkins don’t match and if you don’t have real china or if my chicken is served on plastic…just as long as you’re happy. And as long as the man you’re marrying is satisfied and I’m sure considering men he doesn’t care either .

I don’t know how you feel but as a mom and wife I can see a lot of things that I can do with $469 . I probably can buy groceries for a month ( well at least 2 weeks) , I can put gas in my car and travel to Nashville well maybe Memphis for a week end of fun .  I can buy me a nice Tory Burch bag. I could buy me a pair of Jordan’s and some Lucky Jeans. I could purchase some Coco Chanel at least two bottles. I could buy me a month load of drinks from Starbucks. I could pay for someone to do my laundry . I could pay for tuition in school for Portland .  I can pay my cable bill…pay for this site. I mean I can go on and on about the adult things that can happen with that $469.

Needless to say you make your day special and whether its big or small you will never look back on that day and think …did they have fun but rather you will think of how you felt about him or her when you finally said I do.

I’d say I do all over again in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt as long as we are happy that’s all that matters…well Basically