This week has been one of those weeks that I wanted to throw the entire week away . When you’re at the point that you are trying to achieve something and it seems like you are facing obstacle after obstacle and still nothing is happening, you tend to feel defeated  . It feels like you need to concede before its time or you’re already defeated even when the battle hasn’t even started.  And sometimes trying to handle the problem seems to make things worse instead of better .

Which brings me to the title of this blog, (my mother ministered this particular subject last night in mid-week service) sometimes you have have to defeat those things that try to defeat you. Life is not always easy , heck its even a tough to be born , how do you expect life to be any easier. I mean unless you were born a Trump. Needless to say life brings twists and turns and everyone doesn’t share the same struggle and my struggle in life may be simple in comparison to your struggle but isn’t it the same when you consider it a struggle?

As a daughter of a pastor , working in ministry has been one of my toughest processes. Every week I plan to quit …never to return . I spend a lot of days during my week praying and over thinking . And I mean I think about the smallest things and talk my way directly out of doing everything . At the end of the day conviction comes and I end up doing what I’m supposed to do in the beginning .  In my past I have allowed words to dictate what I chose to do with myself .  I am further behind in some areas because I have  allowed opinions determine my performance.

Have you ever allowed opinions determine how far you would go in life?And you spend your entire time focused on what they have said about you and meanwhile they are enjoying life and you have missed a great deal of life worried about others opinions.

Have you ever allowed money become your crutch ? And instead of spending time trying to make life better for yourself you spend more time mourning and complaining about the fact that money is an issue for you . I still have a problem with people who say that they want more in life but yet they never find a job or create a job for themselves , they are allowing defeat …defeat them .

Have you every allowed relationships affect your progress? Everyone’s relationship isn’t idea and unless you know how to compromise. When to say the right things. And how to say things, sometimes relationships ( no matter how much you love them ) can get in the way of anything . From losing weight , to finding a career your partner may not be the support you.  But that doesn’t mean to not continue to move forward in what you need to in order to reach the results that you desire.

Have you allowed your children defeat you ? Just this week I was having a moment because my husband is training in the Air Force and I am forced to be Mom and Dad for my children , I just had a moment of saying, how can I do what I need to do when I don’t have time for me . And in that moment I heard …” there is 24 hours in a day …” so why complain when there is a time that they sleep and time when they are in school.

Have you ever allowed the word NO defeat you ? Just because they have said no once doesn’t mean that they will say no twice. I can always remember as a child asking my parents for something. Some kids could get a better answer for certain things than others,  in my case I could get the better answer from Daddy and one the boys could get a better response from Mom. It would just all depend but I would always get a yes from Daddy . And in the event he did tell me NO I knew that No wasn’t going to be no in about 5 minutes. Just because there was a NO once …try and try again .

Have you allowed education defeat you ? I never knew that we would live in a day and time that a college education would be free, heck you can go to high school online free and get certified in a lot of fields free . All you need is time a made up mind and a willingness to change your situation. There is not a time to struggle over education when its free for the asking . And don’t ever say you cannot because you don’t have internet because school( public institutions) will allow you to work on their computers free.

I can remember wanting to be a pageant winner. It was just something I wanted to happen for myself. I worked hard, I participated in every pageant that was offered to me and I had a losing record not even placing in many areas. And then one day after losing another pageant a lady bought me a crown bc she knew I was going to lose (LOL ) and said well you’re our winner. I said thanks but I looked at that crown and said NO Ma’am I will not let this be the end of my story I’m going to defeat this losing streak ( you know if that’s something you can do ) and when the next pageant was offered to me I entered it , my confidence was high , I had prepared myself to win . This was one of the only pageants that none of my,”supporters,” attended but I was determined that whether or not I had people in the audience cheering for me or not I was going to win …that night I won and won every one I participated in after because I was determined to defeat the thing that defeated me .

What is it in life that you need to defeat . Mark it on your calendar today and say after this day it will no longer be an obstacle .

Life is for the living ….Basically


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  1. Very encouraging. It’s important not to let things get you down and each and every day wake up with a positive go-getter attitude. Thanks for the reminder.

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