And so a new year begins and a new opportunity for children to get to explore their life in the world of Field Trips. I gotta tell you this was the best part of my life in Elementary school but as an elementary parent I pray that every single trip my daughter’s say, “Mommy , I don’t wanna go .”  Like that’s going to happen . Nonetheless all at the same time I cannot imagine sending them on a trip alone. When my boys were younger someone was always present but at that time in life I was young. I didn’t require 16 hours of sleep and coffee kept me alert. Now …yeah not so much .

So I know you’re saying , oh she just wants to complain. Nobody cannot just hate as many things as she does and I promise you I don’t hate a lot of things ( just early mornings ) but here is why I don’t like field trips.

  1. Because my kids are enough for me. I’m a youth pastor , I love kids . I promise I do. But I have to take them in doses and 65 screaming kids in the morning is not exactly the dosage I need.
  2. You have to be inclusive. My pet peeve is when Mom’s go on field trips and only deal with their kid. Especially when there are at least 15 children who have mom’s that work and cannot make the trip. Its important to those children that their experience is just as wonderful as your kids. It bothers me also when I notice teachers who aren’t as affectionate with some of the children . Then for the rest of the school year you wonder how the teacher deals with your child when you’re not around. #pressure
  3. You have to talk to the parents. You know I have a few friends. And a mom . We talk about everything . So not making small talk with strangers is perfectly fine with me  .
  4. Did I mention I hate small talk… yeah stop asking me where my husband is because of the way you asked I already know , you  know he’s gone. He’s coming back , soon.
  5. Sometimes you can feel like you’re back in high school with some of these mother’s . Some mom’s just have that perfect personality and blend well with others and then there’s me. I find sarcasm in everything and sometimes I just stare when you look at me . And shaking hands with me seems weird. Idk why but I hate shaking hands.
  6. I am not a morning person . And yes it appears that I am on some sort of drug when I’m being approached too early. I cannot concentrate on your smile and words at the same time . The best part of this is …I’m good after lunch.
  7. You have to do some work. Like open things, carry stuff , walk , stand, tie shoes, wipe stuff, spray things. I know why I never became a teacher.
  8. I am a tee shirt , jeans and boots type girl. At my last field trip I ruined a great pair of booties walking thru a fruit patch.
  9. Have you ever rode on a bus with 75 screaming kids that have a love for their nose.  Yea ..I hate it .
  10. Did I mention I don’t like mornings.

All in all I love having the opportunity to spend with my babies. I love watching them interact with other children and I love meeting new families and listening to genuine stories from parents. It always allows a different perspective for your life.  And when you meet those families who’s life seems so different from you  , yet you have shared the same experiences. You walk away proud and thankful that your child has the opportunity to rub shoulders with people just like them .

Although I struggle with waking up and staying up during the day I walk away from  all my experiences with a new attitude. Pleased to have these moments with my babies.  Well…sometimes Basicially


4 thoughts on “Did I Tell You…I hate Field Trips.”

  1. Nicely captured! I haven’t experienced Motherhood as yet, however, I love spending time with kids in general. Although, Parenthood is a unique experience, something that needs a lot of your time and undivided attention. More power to you and your babies 🙂 Cheers!

    1. It’s a beautiful experience and if you ever chose to be a parent you will enjoy every moment .

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