Growing up as a little girl was one of the best experiences of my life. It was full of colorful instructions and wonderful people were very instrumental in my life.  One of my most memorable life lesson , was quite early in life. I was a chubby 4 or 5 year old and I just had to have a skirt.  My father had already realized that my chunky body wasn’t quite proportioned for such a skirt . My mother on the other hand was a woman and she knew how it felt to want something that was popular. Who knew a 4 year old could have a fashion sense. Well it was obvious that although I may have moved in the right direction of fashion I however wasn’t aware of what really worked for me .

A few weeks later my mother bought me the skirt and just like my dad thought…it was hideous on me . I had no waist and that skirt was propped right on my stomach . To make matters worse my butt made the skirt kick out in the back . I was so excited to wear the skirt but I was most uncomfortable . It didn’t take long for the first (grown up) to laugh at me while wearing this coveted skirt.  I probably ignored the laughter but I heard it . Needless to say 4 year old’s ear is alert but they have thick skin (LOL ) . I really cannot believe that I ‘m actually remembering this story . But its important because a few days later my mother had a talk with me about just being me .  She told me things like God made you differently than he made some of your friends. She pointed out things that looked cute on me. She said things like you look great in light colors.  I think this dress would look great on you . Do you want another one like this ? And although I don’t think the comments of the others affected me , she , My Mother gave me the best tip for the day…, ” Tesha there is no one else like you, you are different . ”

Although I was too young to understand the significance of that conversation it was a theme for my life. I learned that no matter what everyone else was doing in life it wasn’t necessary that I follow their lead.  Now don’t get me wrong , practice made perfect.  But at the end of the day I realized more and more that I was basically me! The best part about this was that no situation and no one’s expectation of me could change the person I was designed to become in life. And I don’t know about you but that’s pretty cool.

We live in a world that its so easy to covet other’s personalities , the way the walk and talk like another person. We pattern our lives so many times after different people that we fail to realize that deep inside ourselves we have desires. And of course there are times that we can look on individuals and pattern our lives after them and that’s fine . Its only a problem when we start to believe that their life is our life. When we cannot acknowledge who we really are and what we really desire for our life , then we have a problem.

I find myself raising my girls and guys the same way . And there are times that they’re little tiny imaginative minds don’t understand the significant of this , at the end of they when you see them behaving in the pattern that you gave them it warms your heart.  It’s an amazing thing to be Basically ME

well Basically,


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  1. I agree. I used to feel like my ideal height, weight, bmi measurements were sourced from guys on television….thankfully, I would later on learn that we are all wonder fully made in our own right! Good blog!

  2. How amazing it must have been to have such an amazing and supportive mother. People can be very unthinking. And now you get to pass along to your own kids how to stand tall and proud in their own uniqueness 🙂

  3. I enjoyed your blog. It’s a blessing from God to have a motivator as your mother is. Please keep writting, families will be inspired, as I am to see strong leaders produces strong, and wise leaders,

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