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For some time I  have noticed the latest diet trends. And they’ve all been interesting to say the least . I  think often about programs that have been used and those that should be considered. When I  had Peyton I  had a big life change. My desire to eat changed. I  was trying to be  young and responsible and truth be told I  had been a big girl. I  participated in beauty pageants but on my down time I  was easily a size 10 or more . To me when you are bigger you look older. And because I  was such a young mom I  didn’t want to look old too.  So I  changed the way I  related to food. Which has been a trend for my life from 22 to now. I  am no expert but I  have seen my fair share of diets and diet choices and honestly , you have to learn to be healthy and wise above all . So let’s go through some diet trends .


Omgosh Keto is absolutely awesome right. You eat the good fats and stay away from the bad fats. I  mean that’s simple huh. Well not so fast. This diet means that in order to maintain a weight goal you have to eat like this for the rest of your natural life. So basically its a high fat low carb diet. Very similar to the South beach diet or the Atkins diet. Both were wonderful diet plans if you stuck to the plan.  I  actually think that the Keto diet was designed for people who had seizures. It has been around for quite some time and was  used for that and has since been used for weight loss .  What are the long term affects of a high  fat low carb diet:  so fat is good for you . It helps you think smarter, its good for your hair and maybe for your skin if you are getting the right amount . But what is the correct amount?  Too much can cause liver damage. Too much good fats can also lead to bone density loss. High fats can also cause irritable bowel diseases.

The Army Diet

I  wonder how many people in the army ever followed this diet. I  am a military wife and I  can be honest that in the Air Force you don’t hear much about diet plans . I  guess the Army is more fit…( please don’t tell my husband).  This is the most simple of all diets . So much so you can do this without even thinking.  So what you do is have a boiled egg for breakfast, coffee and a grapefruit and you also can have a piece of toast . I  assume the toast is to keep you full. For lunch you have another boiled egg ( 2) tuna and the other half of a grapefruit you follow this with water. And it goes on and on . Pretty simple right. So what this diet really does is serves as a laxative. After that coffee and egg compounds in your stomach along with that natural fat burner of a grapefruit you have not only passed everything inside your body, you have also sweated as if you have run a full mile full speed. It is a wonderful detox but its nothing that you can possible do consistently.  The eggs alone can cause a great deal of damage to your heart  and a higher cholesterol number so this is  just a good diet to get rid of the first 10 pounds. To make you feel like you’ve done something with yourself.


Supplements and Drinks-

We all like a good drink, right . I remember back when I  was little all the women who came to the beauty salon walked in drinking two of the most popular drinks of the 80’s . Slim Fast and Crystal light. I don’t even know if they believed that these things actually worked but they were faithful to the two. I  guess before slim fast there was probably something else but the truth is …I’ve never heard of anyone losing weight from this . There are thousands of these sort of supplements too  .  All sorts of supplements we can take to lose weight the funny thing is , when I  was pregnant with PK I  had trouble gaining the weight that I  needed to gain each month  . The doctor prescribed me a supplement to drink . I  was thinking isn’t this what people drink to lose weight why am I drinking this to gain weight . So you have to use your own discretion and common sense when it comes down to what sort of supplement is needed  and what supplement will work.

Other detox drinks. I  have seen these in great numbers . Some have been disguised as teas but they are usually nothing more than 80% water and 20 % crystal light . The water makes you pee which causes you to lose weight and the crystal light or whatever else is in it makes you poop.  But if you really think about it , if you drink a gallon of water alone this is going to happen anyway.

Some of the other supplements can cause a list of problems for the future. You really need to discuss this with a doctor before using and many times when we see these supplements advertised its will say something like Doctors recommend it or it was recommended by a board. Even those things aren’t 100%.


My recommendation is to cut your portions down . Moderately use your seasonings. Natural seasonings work great too…natural spices, peppers and such are great also  . Drink a gallon of water ! Forget healthy fats, low carbs and learn portion control. Study about how your food was raised,  what it was fed as it was raised. Consider whole foods, less processed foods, what foods work together to break down the fats in your body.  Maintain a normal exercise routine. This doesn’t mean running a full 10 miles everyday , you can walk swiftly for 20 minutes a day , ride a bike , play tennis. Learn to stand up more . Don’t torture yourself with not eating sweets , eat them just learn to do it in moderation. Enjoy life and learn to be healthy wealthy and wise…Basically