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We usually take for granted our neighborhood dollar tree stores. I  never really paid much attention to the Dollar tree until I  moved to a larger city . If you ever live in a larger city most places like Walmart or Target can sometimes be trouble to shop in depending on your neighborhood. I  lived in a high traffic area that usually would take 20 minutes to get 1 mile down the street but Dollar tree was within walking distance and I  learned that dollar tree would meet needs that I  never knew it could have met. Now Dollar tree is full of things that we do not need so it is quite easy to get side tracked and pick up a lot of junk that you do not need and will not use. Here are some things that I  have found at Dollar Tree that have been very useful and worth the $1.

  1. Plastic Bends for organizing. If you have small cabinets or if you want your cabinets neat and in some sort of order you will love these plastic bends. They usually come in several colors , and several different sizes

  1. Picture Frames.  Take a day and look through the picture frames …some are very expensive looking and some are good for things like diplomas and certificates. I’ve even seen some that are put together to make lanterns                                               


  1. School Supplies. Dollar Tree has an enormous selection of school supplies. I  always go to find color books, flash cards, workbooks and more . They even have early childhood books for children to read.                                                                                   
  1. Brooms and Dust pans . Dollar tree carries brooms and dust pans. If you are concerned that your broom gets too dirty or if you want a variety of brooms (example I  have a broom for outside and one for the inside of my house) dollar tree is the place to go,  now these brooms are $1 so that means that there is a small amount of chance that this broom will not last two months but look at it this way…it was only a dollar. And you can probably order the case online for only $24



  1. Health and Beauty Products. Did you know that dollar tree has an abundance of make up , make up brushes and nail polishes.  You can also stock up on bubble bath, palmer’s coco butter , VO5 shampoo, coconut oil ( wide variety of oils) ,  razors, combs , brushes and even tooth paste. Name brand items at a fraction for $1. This is even an idea way to make care packages for the elderly and those who are serving in our military. Toothbrushes with...


  1. Clothes and socks. Dollar tree carries shirts and socks . Now these are not the kind of items that you will keep for a life time but lets just say that Billy who’s in kindergarten needs a shirt to make something with in school …dollar tree has it. The socks are cute and I  have purchased some and wore them more than once . My children have also enjoyed these socks. They come in a variety of colors styles .


  1.  Dishes , Cups, Kitchen Utensils  . I  do think that you can probably get a better deal at any store that is selling these items in bulk . But at the same time you can get the big wine glasses and nice coffee cups at a pretty good price. These are especially good if you are a crafter or if you are giving away gifts.  Large spoon, spatulas and mixers can all be found at dollar tree. I  have seen wooden spoons there from time to time as well.


  1. Party decorations! Now dollar tree has two varieties of party decorations they have that kind that screams dollar tree and they have the sort of thing that you may think it came from any upscale home furnishing store. You can find glass bowls and vases as well as much of your wedding shower needs.


  1. Crafting items:  ribbons, crafting glue, glue sticks, stickers, wall stickers, rocks, and artificial flowers can be found daily at the dollar tree and they will change per season . I’ve learned that the ribbons are not that long so you will need to either buy a lot or purchase a pricey ribbon at a big box store.

  1. Food ! I  cannot bring myself to purchase food from the dollar tree but we have to take snack for the entire class and I  have three children who are required to do this and because we are peanut free we have a lot of options at dollar tree. Guess what? I’m never overspending !!!





Hope you enjoyed this run down of things to buy at Dollar Tree… and remember if they don’t have it in the store you can ship to store online !Happy Shopping

Basically Tesha