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Who would have thought that March 11, 2020 would be the last day of normalcy for me ?! I  mean how in the world with all the knowledge and all the technology that we have that we would one day just have to close up and go into a bubble known as HOME.  Honestly . We are really locked in our homes running from a demon called Covid -19 , Corona or Rona if you will. I  mean what has life become ? Are we really locked away from an invisible virus and NOBODY knows how to get rid of it ?My whole life as I’ve known it since the day I  was placed on the earth is different.  I have always been a germaphobe but now its extreme. I  wash my hands at least a 1000 times a day . I shower once a day and bathe once a day and once at night. I ‘m currently afraid of my everyday shoes and I’ve found too much pleasure in mopping my floors.  Things are just different.

I  won’t bore you with what you already know but I  will tell you what I  have been doing since we’ve been on a lock down.  So around March 11 I  had an urge to go to the store around midnight. That night I  purchased water , paper towels , toilet paper, bleach, soap, and juice. It was spring break but I  had been watching the news and it seemed like the logical thing to do . I  also threw in some extra lysol spray and some things for the floor. The next day I  get a call from my son who tells me that its like Christmas in the stores. I  drove through to see…and he was correct . The shelves were emptying , no toilet paper, no paper towels and the cleaning aisles were completely empty.  I  had enough food and honestly I  didn’t think that it would be weeks before food would be stocked in the stores. Now my weekly adventure is to find things that I  have not been able to find. I  have started ordering online to see what was in stock and just waiting it out. It’s pathetic but at least I’m not bored.

On the other hand blogging is at its best. People are ready to show you money because they are ready to get rid of products. So this is a shameless plug that I  am again teaching blogging classes. Email me basicallytesha@gmail.com for class schedules and such.

We’ve cleaned the same closets  twice. We’ve planted gardens .One for vegetables and one for flowers.  We made a swing for the children and we even managed to celebrate 4 March Birthday’s ( btw March needs a birthday redo) and celebrate Easter.  In the midst of this I  scheduled an easter photo shoot just to have a bit of normal in our lives.

Church has been online for at least a month now. I’m okay with church being online . I  am still getting a message of hope and love weekly and for that I  am grateful . My parents are pastors so I  was pretty sure that church wouldn’t just stop because we cannot hold service but it’s the small things that I  have missed. Those church hugs, the music and the fellowship. Some of those faces I’ve seen for the majority of my life and I  miss those sweet smiles most.

At this time my husband has not been called to serve but we have been on standby for a call. The emails about the national guard coming to bring order to cities have been interesting to say the least.  The President had not issued a National Emergency and probably will not at this point.I   wish people wouldn’t spam emails and send false information and make families like mine question the validity of their spouses job. And the duty of the national guard per state.

Distance Learning. So the last day for our school was March 6 and we were out for Spring break . We have been out for Spring break for nearly 5 weeks. And for 5 weeks we have been learning from a distance. And when I  say learning from a distance I  mean partially online but mostly with me . My sweet kids are currently working daily online from what their teachers have already taught them , and the new concepts have been taught via video or live video. It has been a pleasure allowing the children to see their friends and teachers daily. They are able to raise their hands and ask questions.  We work from 8 AM to about 1 PM, we do art, music and P.E. if we have the time . One of my children has asked me to drop out and of course I  agreed that she and her sister could be in the same grade next year…she declined that offer. Life moved forward and we work. A lot of work . But we work.

Technology has advanced the ways our children can learn and retain knowledge. Technology has enabled us the opportunity to continue to have church and to safely attend well checks for our doctors but yet technology at this point has not afforded us a cure or even an idea of a cure . What is really going on ?

My take on things at this point is to not allow fear to control of our thoughts. Of course we don’t know what we are fighting , we don’t know how to fight it . Our only defense is to shut down and honestly we have to wonder how effective is a shut down. Fear has caused corporations to prematurely shut down production, fear has gripped the minds of those that want to buy homes and those that want to purchase vehicles. Fear has stopped production of cars, homes, and materials.  Fear has forced millions to have to apply for unemployment. What are we fearing ? Are we in fear of a virus that may always be with us or are we fearing because we’ve been told to fear? My faith is  that we will overcome this situation. My faith is so strong that it overthrows fear. I  believe that one day soon we will make advances in the right direction. I’m praying daily …pray with me and keep the faith.



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