Life has been life-ing and I   haven’t been able to update like I    should .  So let’s get into it . As we left off I    told you guys about my homeschool process. And how much I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it .  Now my children have enjoyed it as well they just were ready to meet new friends. Kinda. So I    started studying and I    came across so much information . Who knew that homeschooling was as big and as popular as regular school, well private school. I     sort of knew because there were a few times that my sons played homeschool teams in basketball  but of course it wasn’t that often.  So I    forgot.

I    never thought I    would recommend this , but children need socialization. No matter how you do it , they need to be with children their own ages.  As a parent you owe that to your children. As a much as we try to say that children don’t get to talk in schools , they have recess, lunch and bathroom breaks typically these are the times they do get to talk . And if they don’t in the school you have your children in , maybe reconsider that school and choose another .  And like I    always say we are preparing adults and as cute as they are you cannot shelter them from…life.

We are currently on this thing where parents are wanting to , “unschool” their children. Which simply means that they don’t want their kids to walk in straight lines , be in a classroom all day and take classes that may not be needed later.  I’m currently on the other end of this and one day your children will go to college, they will be around children who have gone to public ,private, boarding and homeschools. Guess what? There is very little difference between any of them . One may read better or understand math more and one may have amazing survival skills while one is socially awkward.  The truth is my children are older and I     didn’t want to handicap their social development. I    want them to be invited to birthday parties, have lunch date with friends , text and play roblox with children that they will see in real life even if its only 3 days a week. But at the same time I    wanted a hand in what was being taught to my children.

A lot of the information I    learned in college wasn’t even offered in my high school. There were only 3 foreign languages to chose from and learning Spanish from a teacher with a deep Southern draw set me up for failure when in college my second year Spanish teacher from Spain, made me relearn the language . In my exploration I    learned things on my own, my father taught me African American History, my mother showed me how to sew, cook, clean, pay bills and balance a check book , do hair.  I    wanted to be in a place that I    was able to offer those life lessons to my children , while they are learning their four core subjects. And not having to use my weekends or week nights to cram everything. And two I    didn’t want to involve myself in needless school projects that they won’t remember later. When was the last time my 4th year college student needed to bring a poster board with a drawing to school? Never.I    took all of this into consideration when I    chose to homeschool my children this way.

Three days a  week each are in a classroom  of children their own ages. We do our 4 core classes and mix P.E , Music , and Bible in the weekly events. The other two days they are home with me and get to learn the things I    desire for them to learn or things that they desire to learn. Because we have a different curriculum at home we are able to merge the two and boost our math and spelling skills. So far this year we have learned how to crotchet, bake , PK is learning video editing with real video editing equipment and graphic design. Portland is brushing up on his facts of the American Presidents ( you can find him on Tiktok). Cuppie has increased her drawing skills and they all have met a lot of friends who happen to share friends with friends from their previous school. School is only about 6.5 hours a day , we are home by 2:30 daily. When school is over , its over no homework unless you are like my girls and want to do extra work to understand and get ahead. And there are no outside of school poster board projects that we parents tend to do for our children.  We also have real books.

Registration for classes for this school is going on now , if you are someone you know wants to be on the waiting list please reach out to me . I    can help …