I decided to continue to home school my children this semester. The flexibility of it seemed to feel compatible with my schedule considering the new baby and all of this stuff with this virus . Although some days I feel like maybe things would be a little easier if they were in school. I figured I’d take my 7 hour loss and create some memories for my children. So that’s what I’m doing …along with blogging we have created a vlogging channel. Why Tesha? Well here are a few reasons for the creation.

  1. When I first decided to become a home school mom on my own I needed some in home tutorials on how to create a school room. How to use my day and what others did throughout the day. Resources, free resources  and such. Did you know that there are a plethora of youtube tutorials on every single thing including home schooling ? I actually gleaned inspiration by viewing videos but there weren’t very many youtubers who looked like me , or had the same family dynamic as I .  Now that is not to say that they aren’t out there are or they are no black mom youtubers …there are just not enough in that niche so its not a , “thing”. So it took a while for me to find even one …its all about analytics and other factors. Though I found some information rewarding I still wanted to see someone like me . I come from a family that if you don’t find what you’re looking for you create it.
  2. Sometimes a different way of looking at things is needed in life. I wanted to show a different way of looking at home schooling , being a professional blogger and a stay at home mom. I think we can always learn from each other . And these two years I’ve learned so much about myself and things that I can do that I’ve never realized that I’ve had inside of me .
  3.  I have also realized that there is a great divide in the younger youtubers and those that are my age. There is a significant divide in the youtubers who are white and those who are black. The funny thing is that we are  all in the same boat…we create information , use our time , invite you in our world but one of us is accepted more than others. One group invites wins into their lives while some of us reject it .  I think we need to bridge that gap a little better. I want to see more women like me win.

As a home school mom , my days are not perfect. I don’t always want to wake up early, fix breakfast , lunch and dinner , clean the house, and then teach , happy . I have found myself teaching Math, English and Science all at the same time while I’m feeding the baby and taming the dog. It is a lot . So much so that many days I have to reflect on my life because I am  just barely making it. What keeps me together is knowing that there will always be a reward at the end of this mission.  A win!

Its so funny to see the way my children learn. They are one year a part and from 5th grade to 3rd grade they take the time to help each other even if the 3rd grader is just helping to pass out papers. A few days out of the week they have something that is new, we sit and figure it out together.  The way our lessons work is that you learn by repeating it over and over again . The key is to learn it the first time because in a few more weeks you’ll face the same lesson again . I love it when they say I got it . The smile on their faces when they have finally conquered a situation makes me just as proud as I was when they were in school and won awards.

When I write blogs it reminds me of writing out my parents sermons ( of course as they gave them to me ) so let me tie this together. One lesson that I have stressed with my children is that if you know how to do something that your sibling doesn’t know how to do , it is okay to help them . And the person that they are helping its okay to receive that help.  If one person is lacking in an area that means that we cannot all win together . There is no win if only one person has conquered the mission. We can’t complain for the lack of content and materials if we don’t embrace what we have (or share , read or watch it ) .  And that’s the way the world is set up…its enough rewards and room  in life for us all to win.

I was talking to my roommate from college recently and I was just expressing to her something so serious to me . I know she was like why is she so concerned …well I want everyone to win. There is no reason to try and dim another persons shine, when one person wins we all win.  Let’s invite this mantra in our new year… WE ALL Win

Basically Tesha