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So we have entered a new year and I know I always say the new year doesn’t begin until about March but something feels so different about this year. It feels like a fresh start to something better. The past few years have been nothing short of …Interesting. So why not embrace the newness of this year and do something with our time . I don’t know about you but something about last year made me realize that time waits for no one . Literally  no one . In the words of KC and Jojo…Time is (LOL) . I won’t finish that but time is filled with swift transitions.  And because of the time and experiences I had last year I don’t want to cancel, sleep , avoid or miss another moment of life.

I’ve been writing this for some time but every year needs to begin with a little reorganization or organization for the most part. Organization adds so much to your life. It keeps you on top of things, you’re less stressed and its easier to move about the day with a little reorganization.

Let’s begin:

Always start small. First things first grab you a notepad and write down everything that has bothered  you throughout the year and make a plan. You should never begin anything without a plan . I have heard my mother teaching this in her women’s groups so much …life can make you so frustrated that you end up throwing everything away even the things that are most important to you . You never want to do that , so make sure you make a plan . This can also help your declutter your mind. A cluttered mind is nothing but frustration. It inhibits good thoughts, cognitive thinking and success. We cannot have another unsuccessful year without bearing any fruits.

Organize your goals. I typically do this with a vision board. With that board I list all of my attainable goals. I typically hang the board on the fridge or in a picture frame and mark them off as they go. Make your goals reachable. I currently have a goal to lose 10 lbs. with in the next month.  I could stand to lose more but that’s not reality when it’s been six months and I’ve only lost a small amount . Be practical and if its something that you can look at everyday be intentional about reaching those goals. I suggest no more than ten reachable goals. Start at the first day of the week, Sunday is always my jumpstart day and do something small everyday in order to reach your goals.

When starting small , start with the little things that affect your life the most . I started with my purse and my closet. I knew my purse was important because it always embarrassing to look for things and you cannot find them bc your purse is so out of order. I always feel like the purse is the brain of your life. Whatever is going on in your purse is going on in your mind. So eliminate the clutter. The second portion of your brain is your closet .  Those two places need to be organized first. It is a process but don’t get overwhelmed.

The next place is your car or your truck. My truck is like a second closet for my girls. Somehow they often leave shoes and jackets in the car. My son is notorious for leaving food in the back and because we don’t get back there much we can only smell it and not see it . It has that stale smell. It takes two seconds to get everything out of your car once you get home  , make a habit of teaching yourself and your children to take that extra second to get things out of the car you never know who will want to ride somewhere with you, when you may trade your car in or if your car may need some sort of repair . This is a lesson I’ve learned throughout the years. Keep your vehicles clean and organize. It is definitely a work in progress.

One other tips for organization If you cannot find a place it or if it is in a place that cannot be reached easily…throw it away . I had some things in storage that I could not wait to have access to and when they finally came to my house ( aside from my Louis Vuitton bags)  I had no place for those things in my life. So I gave what I could give to Good Will and threw away the rest of it . I had already lived a few years without it so what exactly am I holding on to ?

Find something to do daily. Get rid of old bills, throw away or give away old clothes and shoes.  Every season my husband gets an allotment to purchase pants or shorts for his job. Twice a year he’s collecting pants and shorts and then they send him shirts and pullovers.  Currently his closet is maxed out …it looks like its a blessing but the reality is , if its in good condition it could be used by someone else. Don’t max your closets out with excess especially when clothes are at your disposal. I’m sure Christmas has just passed and with that you have acquired more and more things this is the best opportunity to get rid of things. Throw away or recycle anything that is not of value or isn’t an asset to your life.

Organize your things the best way possible . Color code things, put into nice containers, or hang things in your closet according to the season . I’ve added some organization things to my amazon favorites list . You can check them out here .

Don’t over think things. Organization should be a daily thing you’re not going to figure things out in one day  . Embrace the process and have fun!

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