Honestly I can say that I never knew that a world outside of my semi ordinary world as a mom , wife and daughter  existed until I was allowed personal access. And once I entered into this world it was intoxicating. I spent hours reading , following , searching , and then I decided that I wanted to join in on the fun . Yes I caught the bug and joined the wonderful world of blogging. I’ve watched the evolution of it all from  2006 to  2014 I’ve watched trends change and people change . It is definitely very different now in 2018 .

The blogging world is set up much like a church. Well maybe that’s how it looks to me because I am a Pastors daughter. So let me explain what  I mean when I say that the blogging world is set up like a church and its not in the sense of worship either  .First there is the person who creates and sets the trends that everyone tries to follow. No one has ever seen them , no one knows their name and no one even asks so they are obviously God.  Because who else do you know that has created something and you’ve never seen them or heard their voice .

Then there is  Jesus . She is this wonderful person that you aspire to be . She has been blogging for 20 years , she knows all  and has been where you are now . She has also learned tricks to make over 100K every month just blogging . Everything about her is excellent , even when she misspells her words on Instagram , we over look it because she’s real . She teaches you how to blog as if she’s heard from God herself . And she is probably friends with God because she always has important news to tell you on that email you have subscribed from her .

Well after Jesus ,bloggers are split into tribes. You usually pick these the same way you would choose a church. If you’re Baptist you’ll go to a Baptist church . A methodist to another …so on and so forth . Tribes are set up the same way but they are separated by your niche. My niche happens to be lifestyle/mommy stuff . I happen to follow all every person in my niche that I like . And just like you pay dues in your local church you pay dues to your local niche. Like for a Like. Share for a share. Repost for a Repost. Its the nature of the game .

Then there are Evangelist/Pastors and Teachers. These are the posts you read here and there . They miraculously appear on a regular persons social media page. They are small stories , straight to the point. Often about how to get rid of clutter , fat or stress. They tend to motivate more than they teach and it always leaves you wanting more . So you start to follow them and you say things to them like I like you , you get me , all mom’s can relate.  Not even realizing that they are you , they have just learned how to make a living from something that’s just so simple.  They get their offerings by selling things, facial cream, lotions, recipes, candles ,tee shirts and books. You buy them because they speak to you . They motivate you, they put in words what you are thinking .

And then their are Prophets. These are few and far between . Bloggers usually hate them because they know things after God and usually before Jesus. They don’t set any trends, they don’t change because of their knowledge but they just let you know that software is about to change, adsense is different and that plugin that you fell in love with last year is on its last tour. You need a prophet near you or in your tribe , it makes you feel smarter to know that things are going to change well before Jesus posts about it .

So now that you get how the blogging world is set up there is always one thing that has remained consistent: Like . Share . Repost. There is just no way to survive as a blogger unless someone else reads, likes and shares your posts. There is no way you can help the next person who may actually need some motivation, a new recipe , change of career or even a good laugh without a like , a share and a repost… Basically





17 thoughts on “Like. Share. Repost.”

  1. Interesting perspective! I have also heard that depending on how you take your coffee, reflects on what type of wine you enjoy. i.e., sweet coffees = Sauvingnon blanc or a dessert wine!

  2. I can really relate to this post. I joined the blogging world almost ten years ago and you definitely summed up what I’ve noticed in a really entertaining and effective way! Enjoyed the read!!

  3. Such an interesting perspective and you make some excellent points! I never thought of the blogging world like that before, but now that I have read your post – well, I can’t help but agree!

  4. Very well said. Bloggers really have a creative mind analyzing or comparing other stories to another. Good job.

  5. It’s a very intereting approach to blogging world. I have never seen any similarity with Christian religion but I kinda like. Thanks for writing this!

  6. This is such a nice read and I agree that you need to be consistent in your blogging or in your niche because you need someone to read, like and share your post in surviving in this kind of field.

  7. there is some truth in what you are saying ,but i always aspire to be my own person and not some well known blogger i think being true to yourself will always attract your own tribe and make you stand out more

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