We have managed to conquer summer break and now we are off to a new year . If you are anything like me I have multiple children in school and keeping up with homework and activities is major in having a successful year. I have to be honest that with my first son I was a college student as well and sometimes his homework and his activities waited to the last minute because I was so busy trying to keep up with my own school work. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from him and I am still learning I guess that’s what happens with the first child. Needless to say many lessons have been learned throughout the years . Each year I have acquired a new lesson and each year I have grown so much . Here are a few lessons that has helped me along the way and I am sure that these things will be equally as beneficial to you .

  1. Grab a monthly planner. Run out today and hit a Walmart or Hobby Lobby and invest in a great planner. Why? At the beginning of school we are given several papers , some more important than others , but the likelihood of you reading all those papers are slim to none.  These planners are a good way to write all the important information down on the dates that they will take place and then throw away those papers. Everything you will need to know will be in one place at your finger tips.  You can also add your grocery list as well as your lunch list to these planners they are wonderful.
  2. Make everyday a new day. I cannot yell this out more . My smaller children ride to school with my mother and everyday of the school year she takes a picture of them in a new spot daily. This means so much to them and myself. Last year at the end of school I had a book put together that included a picture from every month of the year . We were able to laugh at some of the funny pictures and reflect back on projects and more that the we shared during that year. I learned this from one of the teachers last year , she told me you will never get to redo these moments so take advantage of them . When school ended she handed me a stack of pictures that she took daily of my sweet 1st grader last year. I will have those memories for years to come.
  3. Make a schedule. Children love schedules. Its something about being big enough to keep up with the time . I like to set times with 5’s . Why well two reasons we can learn how to count by 5’s and I like to live on the 5 (lol). So its 15 minute snacks, homework (35-45 minute) you set this time by age , currently we are right in the middle of this time only because the smaller kids are reading only and maybe there are a few worksheets but not too much to worry about the time , baths are 15 minutes , entertainment 25 minutes before bed. You use your discretion on how you want to run your house this is an example only.
  4. PLAN: Literally plan everything . At the beginning of the year you will get a list of things that you are responsible for , plan efficiently . I usually over think things and in my over thinking if I wait to the last minute I will always , always talk myself out of doing it . Which is why planning is so important.  Remember I said this twice so this has to be important. You can plan your meals and lunch this way too. Its so tough especially when you have kids in several after school activities to know what to put on the table quickly . Use those planners to add your meal.
  5.  Get a good night sleep . I tried to keep my children on the same schedule all year but I learned after the second month of the Summer if I let them stay up till its dark they will sleep at least an hour later . The week before school started we initiated the old schedule to get them back on the same routine. Sleep is very important to a growing child. It helps them grow taller and it increases brain cells as they are more alert to learn during the school day . Also the earlier they go to bed the more time you have to complete whatever work you need to do . Whether its washing the dinner dishes to finishing laundry (my nightly duty) or just catching up on your favorite television show . Can anyone say netflix?


I hope that you have enjoyed the things I have listed for you to have a successful year well ….Basically



11 thoughts on “School is in Session”

  1. Nice post and you have a great suggestion that can do in this school season but definitely sleeping is my favorite thing to do, hahaha!

  2. I think it is so great that your mother takes pictures everyday in a new spot daily 🙂 Such a nice memory! And I really think a lot of parents let their children stay awake way too long, even small toddlers sometimes…

  3. These are great advices. I do love making schedules with my kids but the most part is having a goodnight sleep.

  4. Not a mom so have no experience with children but fully understand
    all the hard work and planning mothers go through.

  5. These are really great tips, especially for mothers with young children. I agree that planning is so important, and I want one of these planners for myself! I love to be organised!

  6. I don’t have kids, but I can see how these tips would be useful for parents with kids in school! A good night’s sleep and a consistent schedule is important!

  7. Back to school is on Monday, my boy starts 1st grade after finishing kindergarten. I think theres so much I still need to organize! I’m taking all your valuable tips and making tem mine!

  8. I remember I make my timetable when I was young and follow the time to sleep and when is the time to study. It really work for me.

  9. I love this post Tessa. I don’t have kids but these tips that I adapt to my daily routine. Hopefully I can integrate these when I have kids one day!

  10. This is such a helpful post. The advice you gave was really sound and I like the idea of planning and making everyday a new day!

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