It seems like yesterday that I was a freshman and I had packed up my black Mitsubishi Eclipse headed off to school. I had worked over the summer and saved enough money to make the purchases I needed for school . I didn’t want my parents to worry about anything, well except for some extra money . I don’t think they even worried about me because they didn’t follow me or move me  in .  Well not to this particular school , I’m sure they are somewhere reading this saying , and we spent tons of money on you moving you into your own condo. (LOL) I’m mainly talking about my first year from home. Anyway… I said , I ‘m leaving now and they said we’ll see you Friday . That was almost 20 years ago  and now I have a son who is off to college. I wish I could go back and tell my 18 year old self some things that I didn’t do when I was in college , I guess that ‘s why we have kids. Maybe we can correct some things that we were unable to correct during our college years.

I gave birth to my son while I was in college . It was a sacrifice when he was born inbetween mid terms. It was a sacrifice when I left on Sunday’s to head back to school and I would hear him cry for me to come back . It was a sacrifice when my parents rearranged their schedules to take care of him . I graduated from college when he was 2 years old . I didn’t realize that the time would move so swiftly . I’m proud of the young man that he has become . I am thankful for my parents and all the help they gave me as we raised this guy together. I don’t care what anyone else has to say …it’s all love . I digress.

Getting Peyton ready for college I have daily giving him things he needs to be aware of and to look out for . I’m sure that I have given him 100,000,000 things not to do while in college but there are just a few things that I do want him and everyone else who is off to college to do during their freshman year of college.

  1. Meet one person who is outside of your comfort zone .There is always someone who wants a friend and needs someone to talk to .
  2. The older people in your classes can help you . They usually have a lot of wisdom and good study habits.
  3. Join everything that concerns you . This means clubs, organizations and more . Your future job is contingent on your relationships so form appropriate relationships.
  4. Learn a new word weekly and use that word in a sentence daily . Why well? Because we are forgetting how to spell and seem to use the easiest words because no one challenges us to improve.
  5. Relax, your professors do not hate you . Your life is not ending , and the only thing that you are responsible to do is make good grade. Pass your course and move forward. College is about a career and not a social life.
  6. College friends are just that … friends in college . Although I have a few lifelong friends in college . You will recognize authentic relationships very early. If you feel uneasy about anything and if someone doesn’t have your best interest at heart or don’t seem to be concerned about you , move on . You’ll meet friends all your life.
  7. Study !Study! Study !
  8. Go to bed on time . The habits you form in college are usually habits that will stay with throughout your twenties.
  9. Drink plenty of water . Stay hydrated and you will never get sick .
  10.  Remember Mom is always here for you no matter what …well Basically


8 thoughts on “The College Years”

  1. Having kids of your own definitely changes your whole perspective on life. You tend to pass on a lot of lessons that you wish you had learned growing up.

  2. Wow, I can’t imagine what it will be like when my boys go off to college! I loved reading your story, and so happy you had a support system that helped you finish college and raise your son.

  3. This is such great advice for surviving college! I am sure these tips are really going to help a lot of people out.

  4. I had my first while I was in college too. It was definitely a bit tough to work around motherhood while being a student. I will say that I learned a lot and I’m glad that I continued to pursuit my education with the support of those around me.

  5. I think your tips for college students, if followed, will take them far! Social and study, though both important, have to lean more towards study to be successful.

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