You guys I have tons of blogs that are just sitting here waiting to be posted.  I am just in a place that I feel like some of my words don’t really mean much.And then the next thing is …who’s really reading ? The world is opening back up . People are out enjoying life. We have 1 minute shorts on tiktok  and our lives are just evolving and then there are those like me , who still enjoys a good book, a good news story and a great blog. Let’s catch up…again.

So when I opened my laptop I immediately thought that I would produce one big emotional blog about NOTHING and then I thought . Girl! You have so many things to be thankful and grateful for, why would you be emotional about the little things. We often let emotions ruin some great moments .I’ve allowed a lot of things ruin some great moments. Just because I was being too sensitive. Gosh I hate loving people so hard and always being emotionally vested in realities that I cannot control. Speaking of control …have you guys been keeping up with this racist narrative in our country. Like everything is suddenly racists. I’m not saying that we have not thought that 97% of these things weren’t a little off but never in my life have I seen so many little things called racists moments. I mean we are dismissing everything and a lot of people along the way. I have found myself not being able to say some thins because I didn’t want anyone to thing I was out of touch. The truth is…we can’t dismiss life. RACISM will always be a thing …we cannot stop it but there are some healthier ways we can mitigate racism . And stop making it a thing …like a new fad because then we know you aren’t really serious.

Have you guys been keeping up with the latest television shows? You know I am a tv fanatic so I am going to run through a list really quickly of what I’ve watched and how felt in like 5 words or less.

Genius Aretha:  OMG it left me in a dark place…extremely emotional

Them: Turned it after 10 minutes

Housewives of Atlanta: Snooze fest ,we can probably include all of them in this sleep session.

Married to Medicine: Snooze fest

KUWTK: I can see that it’s their last season.

The Real World ( reunion) :It’s been interesting to see that though they have increased in age some of their past issues have remained exactly the same.

Moving on…

The Prince has died. He was 99 years old . My son (7) couldn’t understand the relationship he had with the Queen . He had did some research and learned that he was her cousin as well…that’s tough for a 7 year old to understand . I have to question his diet and his lifestyle. What did he do for 99 years? Is long life in his bloodline? And then there is the Queen who is 96…did they both have a diet of leafy greens and beans? What did they eat? Are they less stressed with life? Do you live longer if you don’t have to cook and clean or worry about bills and your castle because if that is the case sign me up.

DMX has also transitioned. I remember DMX from the late 1990’s when I was in college and all the guys blasted DMX. He was a rollercoaster of emotions and habits. A very talented guy who struggled with demons. Sometimes we are our own biggest blockages. Now we will just sit and wonder how his life would have been had he not succumbed to his demons. My thoughts and prayers are with his family,

Speaking of family . My family is getting bigger in a few ways that I was not ready for them but I am learning daily to embrace it . I will say this , when changes happen in families its okay to question it for more understanding . It is okay to have your personal feelings and opinions about the situation . But at the end of it all family will always remain family and there is nothing that you can do about it . Pray for us in our newest endeavors.