You guys I have written 3 blogs and lost every one of them. I was slightly challenged by the blogs that I wrote and fortunately I was able to save about 300 words of the last few I’ve written. But WHY????? I guess I will rewrite those later in the meantime …

Let us catch up for a minute. We survived the Ice storm of 2021. Thankfully we lost no power or running water. My hearts went out to those who lost electricity and running water . I read somewhere that in some areas here in Mississippi that some people are still without water for the 3rd straight week. Ironically last week we had 60/70 degree weather yet we still have snow around our house. Go figure. We have also entered Tornado season so this beautiful warm weather is not appreciated currently . Unless its somewhere near a tropical beach.

We had an interesting year in sports . I wish I was in a place to share my total experience but I cannot after all it is not all of my experience. I’m comforted in knowing that we are not alone in our experiences. This is character building and we didn’t lose anything. I’d like to encourage parents who have experienced difficulties in sports, organizations and school to keep pouring love and encouragement into your children . Those words will really go far . I don’t know if I have shared with you that I had a super hard time in high school and middle school. I was probably too outspoken and then at other times where I could have spoken more I took a different approach . Since I was a daddy’s girl and a Mommy’s baby I took advantage of that and resorted to going home when I could have just taken up for myself. Hey I was my parents only daughter and they dealt with my sensitivity the best way they could. I’m sure if I had the mind that I have right now things would have gone a lot differently .  But their love and support took me to some big places. All in all it wasn’t a bad year it was just an interesting year. One you learn and move forward.

So here lately we have been tuned in to some shows. I mean sometimes that’s our only entertainment.  I live in a Republican state so much of our state is still open but tell me , who wants to go to the movies with a mask on .  I don’t want to really go anywhere with a mask on  but I’ll digress.  Thankfully we have invested in some streaming channels and were able to stream some shows and watch some (that are box office) straight to those channels that allow for fun movie nights . So far I’ve watched 4 really good series and 3 good movies. If you have a time to watch , go check out the series Lupin ( Netflix) I Cared A lot ( netflix) , The United States vs Billie Holiday ( Hulu) and Judas and the Black Messiah ( HBOMAX) . A fun family movie is Tom and Jerry ( HBOMAX) and we have enjoyed most of the cartoons on HBOMAX for the kids.

Social media has occupied some of my time and I have enjoyed reading the posts inspiring people to find their niche in life. I’ve enjoyed watching people find their niche as well, selling their products, writing their books and buying and selling stocks. I’m also very intrigued by those of us who are creating wealth with our education, our trades and those ingenious plans that we all wish we would have thought of that first. It’s just like the person who created doordash or uber. We could have all thought about it but someone thought of it and created a plan . Just time, meditation and a vision. The amazing thing about life is there are still really simple things to create, still plumbers and electricians needed and still room and opportunity for school teachers to grown and develop the future leaders of the world.

I’m just about over my run as home school teacher . One of my children has returned to school and one has asked to return . The other two that are my students seem to love it here. Honestly we’ve been together ( next week ) one year. And I can truly say that when they do return to in-person school I won’t be sad. Like if they want to stay for after school activities I am down for that too. Just go to school and be great. I think socially they are fine , emotionally they are cool but I have two children who will just stand in front of me looking at me all day . And no I don’t get any alone time , unless you count the time I am in bed and that’s not alone because someone sleeps with me .

I think I am done for this post. My next post will be in honor of church, church folks and church activities.  Let me hear from you …