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This Month I am going to just give a few lessons on How to do things. I mean I know that we are adults but sometimes we still need to learn how to do things.  It’s Valentine’s Season. I know that most of you men think that Valentine’s day is about you …it is not it is all about your wife and if you have a daughter show them some love as well.  But if you are like most of the world you are probably buying for your significant other this is including and not limited to boyfriends and spouses.

So the number one question is what do I get them?  The thing about gifts is that now you can find things that are relatively inexpensive. And in most cases you can get a lot for just a little.  In these cases you need to consider quality over quantity. If you are anything like me I would much prefer 1 really nice gift as opposed to a lot of junk. So be mindful of teddy bears, cards, flowers, chocolate covered anything and balloons. At my age what am I gonna do with any of those things. I want a quality gift here are some ideas of what to shop for when considering a woman of a certain age.

  1. Think about lasting gifts. Keep sakes that will last for a least a lifetime. Don’t limit yourself to just things that she can wear. Think about things that she may like to collect, add to her collection. These items will mean more because you stepped outside of yourself to find the item .
  2. Jewelry . I bet you thought this will be number one actually unless its a bracelet it would probably be the absolute end of my list. See jewelry is one of those things that you need to be intentional about . As much as I love a bracelet…if its a meaning behind it I don’t particularly want any costume bracelet. Make the investment and many of the things that women wear now are affordable. Some of my go to’s are Pandora and Ronaldo. They have timeless pieces and you won’t break the bank making a purchase that she would love.
  3. Trips! An all inclusive trip is what anyone especially the one you love wants. Don’t just buy tickets , plan an experience. I don’t know about you I don’t just wanna go out of town to find a mall and eat a restaurant . I can do those things at home , if you are planning a trip look at all the things that those places have to offer and when you present the gift give her options that she can take. For an example : trip one is a skiing trip , we will stay in a cabin, breath taking views, this particular area is known for its…or we are going to Maui on this beautiful island we will experience dinner on the beach, a beach front view ect. Let her pick and you pay.
  4. Luggage. Why is this a gift to give . Well if you purchase the right kind it can perhaps be a lasting gift.  Did you know you could buy Louis Vuitton at Walmart? (
  5.  Furniture. I know you have never thought about furniture . This is a great gift . When I mention furniture I mean those timeless pieces.  A good chair, a table , something vintage, something that will make her look at it and always be happy.


Things to get for a man may just be a little easier.  Men usually neglect themselves. They typically wait until its the very end to try and purchase themselves something new.  Well in some cases,  some men are really into themselves and spend a lot of time doing things for themselves. Either way men aren’t that critical of what we get them . These are gifts that I have purchased that have never seemed to be a disappointment.


1.Socks, underwear and under shirts. I don’t really know what men do with these items but they tend to run out of lose these items fairly quickly. My husband loves crazy socks. I can purchase him socks each time and he’s always happy .

2.  Lotions, sprays and cologne. It never hurts to help him smell good.

3. Clothes ! To purchase clothes for men can be pricey . Valentine’s day is just right after Christmas and its the best time to purchase clothes for men . Why? Sales!!! You can buy coats, boots and sweaters for very reasonable prices.

4. A month of hair cuts and shaves. Did you know the average haircut for a man is around $40. And men like to be groomed once a week, this is a great opportunity to treat him to a month of haircuts and shaves.

5. Spa days, pedicures or manicures. As long as they are in bed with you they need their feet done. Treat your man to a day in the spa!

Hope you enjoyed my small list of how to buy things for your Significant other …Basically