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I  try to do these once in a while just because I  am that person that if I  could shop everyday I  would. But here is the thing…I  just cannot imagine paying full price for things when there are these things called sales and discounts. So let’s get into it.

First thing first when you are shopping in a department store learn your seasons. The best time to shop is once the seasons are ending. Recognize when its a sale…when clothes are new and introduced into the store there will be several sales on the items…10% off -40% will be the initial sale. If the regular price of that item is over $100 that sale is not really worth my time . Because I still have basic needs so have to realistic about what I  am purchasing. Does this mean that you will never get to wear those clothes during the season? Absolutely not it only means that you were smart enough to wait till they were more than 30% off to purchase. These clothes will be hot and in the store for about 3 weeks and the real sale begins. The first sale will mark it down with a red pen. This is when you start to look because following that red line you will see an extra 20-40% off the price . Is it time to buy . Yea if you can’t wait but if you see that there are an abundance of the items wait or… you want take a look at your calendar and see when the next holiday will arrive. During that holiday there will be a 50% sign . Is this a good time to buy …yea but the best time is to buy is the next day after that sale . See by then the store is completely over the item and wants the item out of the store so the item will go from 60-80% off the red line price. So instead of purchasing your favorite expensive blouse for $70 you can snag it up for about $10. If its around for longer you will find a special place in the back of the store for all clearance items. Be wise when purchasing these items. Just because they are on sale you can still waste your money.

The next thing you need to know is what to purchase . Though all department stores have big big sales . Most of the items that are on sale are those trendy items. The ones with the odd colors, the funny cut you know those things that just won’t sale. But in the midst of those things that won’t sale are those items that can last you a lifetime. What are those items? Slacks, jeans, solid colored tops and blazers. There is always somewhere that you need to wear these items and as long as they are your traditional jeans, blazers, slacks and of course a nice solid (basic colored ) shirt you will always be in season and ready for the next season.  For some reason throughout my entire life some things never change up.

Shopping for shoes and other items like perfume I’ve learned that discount stores could possibly be your best friend. Now the thing I  hate most about discount stores is that they just kind of throw together their departments. They don’t love us like Saks and Neiman Marcus, they treat us more like you get what you get and don’t throw a fit . And that’s exactly the attitude that you need when you go to these places. First learn the days that they are expecting a shipment and get there that day and the day after. Also keep up with your season but only because these stores will actually offer you 50% off immediately. Some people go in a pay attention to the clothes. I  can’t concentrate on the clothes because there are too many pushed together . The children’s clothes on the other hand I  can deal with and handle but not the adult clothes. Also the clothes for men are something that I  also like to look for because men’s clothes are so expensive.  So I  pay close attention to the things that I  want that have been pricey at the other stores. Perfumes, body sprays, soaps, jewelry, watches, purses and household good are the most important things to look for . In a discount store you will shop like you shop in a grocery store ( when you wanna be healthy) you shop on the perimeter of the store and leave the clothes to when you have time .  Most of these stores have discount plans that on certain days you will get a discount. You add your points up for free items. This is not just discount stores you can also add points at Kohls, Carter’s , and H&M. For so many points you will get cash to spend in the store.  Also H&M will give you a discount if you bring an item into the store for recycling.

Walmart is that one place people don’t think of shopping but its the best place to buy for kids.  My children wear uniforms to school so we don’t have to buy too many everyday clothes.  We usually only buy church clothes and order school clothes.  But then there are the weekends and the kids need items to wear on the week end and when I  say weekend I  really mean Saturdays. Walmart has basic items that are always on sale. You will always find tee shirts for boys for under $5 and leggings for girls under $4. In another post I  listed that I  color coordinate my children with these tee shirts and leggings in the summer but then there are times where you can get outer wear and other items on a sale price. Mid February is the best time to buy outer wear for children at Walmart and after Christmas is the best time to buy all other items for children. Most of the time because its after Christmas and they are ready to put out things for Valentine’s day and Easter so they are ready to get rid of the items they have …most of their children’s department is priced under $5. It is a great time to stock up for the next year and it gives you plenty of time to wear items for the current year.

I  hope that this help you out if you are wanting to know how to shop thrifty…