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This year started off like any other year . And though it is not the end of the year just yet it is just a time that I have to reflect on the ten months that I’ve been blessed to experience.  Anthony and I started our year just like any other with a plan for the new year. This year we wanted two major things. We created a vision board and everything on the board was centered around the two big things that we wanted .  We didn’t exactly plan how it would work out but we had big plans and we actually wrote it down . Btw we host a vision board party each year at my church . We love this experience and are always excited to see what will happen in the new year.

As the months went by we saw things that we wanted being crossed out one by one …two by two . It seemed like things were working out in our favor and then something happened. We were making extra money when my husband was working overtime on his job . This afforded the opportunity for things to happen that we desired . And one day the company called him and told him no more overtime. The day before they told him that we had just given a generous donation to a corporation. At that moment I started to think about the money that I gave away . Anthony told me …don’t be alarmed I can make double this on the side (he’s a carpenter) . And just like clock work that afternoon we got an unexpected job and the job paid double what we have given away . The next week the guy that worked along side of him had an accident making him the only person working the area. What did that mean for us…over time .

I was seeing him less and less and in between the time of not seeing him I wasn’t talking to him . But there was an increase in my house. One sacrifice for another benefit. I began to complain and become more frustrated because though we had a goal sometimes it felt like I was the family , I became mom and dad and some days it felt like my dreams and the desires that I personally had were placed on the back burner . And there were many days that I would say just forget that goal …I need help. I was in a store buying new things for my girls bedroom and I just had a moment in thought saying …I would not be able to do any of these things if it weren’t for his job . It really put things into perspective . I asked Anthony …do you see how life works for you when you acknowledge God and you write the vision .

After that time we went through a new path . It was an exciting path and in the beginning it was easy . We spent many days marveling over how easy it was going and wondering why we didn’t do what we just did a long time ago and all of a sudden we hit a bump …well several bumps. My truck stopped working , the cars tire had a blow out , we had one child going to college , four getting ready for school. And he was heading off to serve in the air force for a month.  I am the type person who likes consistency . When you are a military wife , specifically one who’s husband is just in the guard , you can wipe consistency out the door. I don’t know how hard it is to make payroll but its obviously a difficult fleet for them . And if you are a regular family you don’t always want to take your savings and live off what you put back weekly just to live your regular life . You want to take the money that you are used to living off of and use that for the bills and so on . And though I still made money blogging I still didn’t want to use that money …sometimes you just want to save a rainy day . Or save for the sake of saving . But at the same time …I learned to become  pretty savvy.

Other things challenged us . We had a major project that was before us and we were very excited about. As the days grew and as the finale was near we questioned how it would be done and in the time we wanted it to be done.  I had a time in mind that I wanted things to be done but somehow we couldn’t make it happen on my time . I literally cried when it didn’t get completed by my time . I questioned how we would tell our children and what a disappointment. I had actually counted the game over before it was even finished. I spent a few days in bed and I thought horrible thoughts…I cried a little. I was angry a lot . One day my mother walked in and said…Tesha its going to all work out.  I had no clue how but I believed her.

Though we were walking through what I thought was the toughest processes …life still moved forward. That’s just the way life goes. It slows down and picks back up. The thing about life is that you have to keep moving with it . Once you stop that means that your dream has stopped. Once you count it over that means that everything you wanted is over too. I got up and got my stuff together and started to believe in my dreams again . In the process of all of the things I was facing there were two words that magnified above all the rest…be grateful.  See I was going through this process not thinking about all the great things that had already happened , my children were healthy , their grades were good, my husband was healthy and still able to provide. I was in my right mind and still had the ability to create and live my dreams. My parents are still healthy and still able to walk with me every step of the way . I had to remind myself of the first 5 years of my marriage, our first home , the fact that I was able to do the things that I had not been able to do. While I am so upset over something so small there are others who have never had this opportunity and some who never will have this opportunity .

Sometimes we have to be thankful for the process of life.