So some of you know that my year ended with some great things and it began with a few more great things. I am blessed . I am thankful and I am grateful. In the meantime there has been so much going on in our world. We are currently focusing on an impeachment trial that was side tracked by the slaying of some guy in Iran . Well he was not actually some guy but the thing is I cannot focus on that without thinking about how this actually happened during an impeachment investigation. And without warning …at least that’s what congress is saying . This is something that my family is paying attention to , you tend to do that when your husband is in the military . My thoughts are with those who had to ship out in a rush to protect and serve our country.

Meanwhile there is another surviving R Kelly . This time it focused on the background of his life as well as the aftermath of the women who actually were on the show telling their truth . I am saddened that though Kelly is an outright sick person , there were so many other sick individuals willing to fight for his celebrity. What in the no humanity is going on here?  Are we not acknowledging that rape, incest and molestation is wrong? Is it okay for a grown man to be in relationships with children. I have a 15 year old son…I still have to make sure he has eaten  and completed his homework . But Robert has been making 15 year olds sister wives for years and only now has someone said something. As a matter of fact 2019 was the year of the man . In my entire life I have never seen so many sexual harassment cases . The funny thing or the not so funny thing about this is that there are so many women who share in this sort of history of sexual harassment . Yet we still elected a President with the propensity to molest…basically. Oh yea and then there was T.I. who has mentioned that he checks his daughter to ensure she is still a virgin… yes thats a form of sexual harassment . The fact that  he thought it was smart to mention that he checks to see if his daughter is actually a virgin is well odd.

The new Princess Meghan decided that living a royal life is too much. When I first heard this story I was outraged.  I  love the story of the royals. I  have been fascinated for the last few season of the Crown …that show about the Royals on Netflix. I can actually relate to the royal family. Although I  don’t live in a royal family my family is a church family . And once we decided to be married there were roles that we expected out of our partners. First they needed to take a vow to serve, next they needed to learn how the first family worked. They needed to know that there were going to be somethings that would be said about them and done to them . And this may make them feel uncomfortable. There are also many unspoken rules. Things like friendships. What to share and when to share it . And though I  was willing to share my expectations that I  desired in my spouse there were still a few things that have been left out. Things that have to be learned by trial and error. And still there are some times that I  have sat back and shook my head. Not at my husband …well . Anyway so back to Meghan…people are saying she knew what she signed up for . And yes she did , the same as our partners knew what they signed up for but its just not that simple. As she was gaining knowledge of all the rules and regulations, things to wear what to say and what not to say . How to dress and paint your nails, when to wear hats and when not to wear hats and such…no one can ever prepare you for bad press. And how much negativity can one handle.

Speaking of negativity . Some people are not happy until they throw some negativity out . So with that said …the church is not a foundation for the poor.  I  know that most churches specifically those who are well established have funds that they sat aside once a year to give away . Those donations are funded by people in the church . A lot of churches have generous donors… a lot of churches do not . So that brings me to how a church is ran . Well churches are ran and opened by donations. You come to church you give your ten percent and a free will offering the church puts that money up and pays the bills.  Believe it or not just because a church is not for profit it still has bills.  You have lights, gas , water , then  little small things , offering envelopes , carpet cleaning, janitorial services, music , programs, a staff to do all of the stuff and then when its all over you pay the pastor or you do it before either way they get a little cut . All of this is going on and then someone from your church gets sick . The church is no more responsible for your medical bill than the light company that you pay that bill to monthly . If the church has resources they may help more but if they don’t then you move on . Let’s not take stupidity into 2020.

When I  think of stupidity  I  think of people who don’t really know who they are …so they try to make everyone’s life around them miserable. The kind of people that don’t just yet know what they are good at so they become whoever they are around or whoever they admire. They cannot text in complete sentences or spell words over four letters but has author aspirations. The ones who don’t have a college degree but they are suddenly experts at something that they learned on social media. Anything you can do I  can do better I  can do everything better than you …no you can’t. Sis you have been married for 5 seconds and you’re giving advice. The only thing we really want to know from you is what made you get on social media and give advice.  In 2020 we need to learn that we just can’t wake up one day and become who we weren’t created to be . I didn’t wake up and say I want to be a writer and start blogging. This is years of work…ten years to be exact and then four years of college then graduate school …that’s time and money . Sometimes people wake up and over night they are a success others need to gather themselves after some years and then they become a success. You can however be successful at being you . In the meantime take a look at what you like …Go to school, find you an online course, get you a trade and become you …and if you fail find something else. Don’t stop until we  ( all of us including you ) realize this is not someone else …this is you Girl!

While I finding something else … what else can we do to reduce the baby hair population ? How are you 65 with baby hair? Let me sign off before I  get hate mail and I  have no time for that




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  1. And thats what I’m struggling with right now FINDING ME. And to be honest it makes me mad & upset that I’m 40ish & still have not figured out my WHY or Purpose. But I’m trusting in the Lord but its SO trying sometimes..

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