So the Last time we talk I can almost promise you that I was in some sort of Covid state of delusion. Obviously I was walking in a fog. I have since caught up on rest and my children are currently ever present. And when I say ever present…these babies visit me in my sleep. I have awakened to the same day for a month and a half. Nothing is different, the nights are the same . And though I appreciate this extra time to get to know my children and husband more, some days I miss the rat race. Rushing to wake up, getting a breakfast , being dressed and out the door by 7:15AM. I miss those 8 hours of quiet and a clean house. I miss that 15 minute trip to the school , with a Starbucks run in between. I miss going shopping and touching my clothes, I miss not being afraid of a person who is walking next to me . I just really miss our other life.

Thank God for some good television . The person who came up with the idea of Netflix and Hulu …we owe you some love. The weekend of Easter we were able to watch the Clark Sister’s movie on Lifetime. I have since been sort of obsessed into learning more about this family and its family dynamic. I remember stories of my mom preaching in the Bailey Cathedral.I remember her telling me that she met them but as we grew up we didn’t have things like the internet to learn and figure out things. This was absolutely amazing to see what made this particular group the legends that they are. I have probably watched this movie 5 times . Learning more and more new things each time I watch. I’ve also watched Little Fires Everywhere  with Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. Great Story! Great Story line! So many documentaries I can hardly name them all. I try not to just watch television I try to learn things as I watch and if that means looking up things to see its validity that’s what I do . I feel pretty caught up on television. I have not watched a single movie. I don’t have a long attention span so the movie has to be riveting in order for me to watch it .

I’ve added exercise in my daily routine. I am typically a “health” person. I believe in treating your body right. The cold limited my routine but now I am back in the swing of things. I drink lots of water and twice a day I have hot tea. I feel like such a mature lady drinking my green tea daily. In my tea I add raw honey and cinnamon. I still take a cup of coffee once a day but my goal has been to get as much hydration as possible. It’s something about making goals that cause you not to be so bored. I also try to stand up as much as possible during the day because as soon as night comes I am ready for bed! Ahh!!!

We have about two weeks and school is over. I am amazed in the grace and love these teachers have had for all of our children. That’s a nice way of saying that I’ve watched your kids on zoom and (insert hand on head shaking). I have added a lesson on manners and assertiveness to my children’s daily lessons. I’ve added the lesson on assertiveness because when you have a house full of children our lessons are usually on waiting our turn. I figured that they would figure it out outside the home , that this is not necessary. But unfortunately they have not and so my new lesson of speaking up when you REALLY have something to say has been needed after these days of internet classes . Otherwise wait your turn and be quiet. Being quiet is another lesson that they need to learn .

I’m figuring out a schedule that works for me but I haven’t quite figured out a schedule that works for them. Here’s the thing I need about 1 hour in the morning to get myself together and after that hour I need a hour of silence. My last three are obviously commentators for the national news because those three announce everything they do. I don’t remember a time that I ever announced to my mother that I looked out the window at 6AM. Why do I even care ? Why do you think that this is important? So we are working through these little glitches. Food has not been a problem in our house but talking is and then there is something about turning lights on and leaving shoes in the middle of the floor.

My two big boys have kept me abreast of life as a young adult. We are talking about girls and my expectation of marriage. I have said things that I feel a little too young to say…”I’m praying that you marry a wonderful woman.” So yeah I am not ready for that but they are interested in girls and one day soon Peyton will probably bring home a girl and those who know me and my mom know to pray and pray hard. I’m praying for them as they enter a new season of life. I guess this is a good time to date seeing as though they need to be six feet apart. Can you imagine them dating with masks? Getting curbside because restaurants are closed and eating in our house?

Anthony is still working but my parents are home . I love calling my Dad in the middle of the day saying what you doing and listening to him say nothing. My brothers and I still talk daily and guess what as much as I miss things I have a feeling that we shouldn’t take things so lightly. Let’s take this opportunity to build , let’s get healthy , let’s learn , we can gather later. As soon as there is a remedy…Basically


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  1. I love it Tesha! I am glad to know that I am not alone in some of the daily quarantine routine escapades!

    1. ahhh thank you for reading . I can’t wait to add you to the blogging group you are doing amazing

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