You know how you’re out and you are talking to a person who isn’t the same color as you ? Okay well that may be too vague. But you know how when you are talking to a white person and you mention that your child goes to this big university . And how proud you are of them being there . And they congratulate you and the child and then suddenly they say something that hits you like cold water on a freezing day … do you know Ashanti she’s a sophomore there too…her parents are black and they are the sweetest people ever.  And you sit there and look and kinda smile.  But they never seem to acknowledge that you are not into their conversation anymore. Or how semi offended you are with them asking you that .

See here is the thing…just because I  am black I  don’t know all the black people in my city . I don’t know all the black people in county, state or local government . Listen I  don’t even know all the black people who live in the same neighborhood as I  do . We don’t all go to church together and the way they did schools and classes while  in school we often didn’t go to school together and most of us didn’t have classes together.

So just in case you didn’t know along with asking me how did I  get my hair like that …I  am quite uncomfortable with you asking me if I  know random black people.