I don’t cook. Actually cooking makes me anxious. I’m too worried about how its going to turn out so it’s not a pleasant experience to say the least . Needless to say I have a family and there are times that I have to prepare food for them . Thank God they have inherited my palate and will eat anything and it doesn’t have to taste like much yet they still will enjoy. It makes me feel pretty good when they say thank you for fixing us this food . And then I get company and they say things like …did you cook that ? Can you cook? You’re not supposed to do it like that …do it like this. I then want to hand the spoon or fork over to them and say …you handle it . I’m DONE…LOL!

I kinda enjoyed my freedom of not having to become what people wanted me to become and just fall into a roll of being a wife, who cleans and cook. Although I would prefer a clean house over some smothered steaks. I have other skills and I love the uniqueness of my life. Adding another skill is just not as important . Plus my mother loves to cook and she comes up with all sorts of recipes and she has so much patience that she is currently teaching my daughters how to cook some foods. And because of this my girls think they can out cook me…go figure. And they’re only 5 and 6.

Why didn’t she spend time with me teaching me how to cook.Two things I can attribute that to, 1 She worked a lot when I was younger , and dinner was always prepared for me once I was out of school and 2. I wasn’t interested , somehow I knew that one day I would marry a man that would love to cook . God answers prayers . For a few years in our marriage my husband was the general cook for my family . I just wasn’t interested.

Every year brings about a different change . And this year something came alive in me . And no it wasn’t because my DAD keeps saying , your daughter can cook better than you . Although that had a little to do with it . I thought about being someone who really takes care of their family and what they would provide for them . Would my children remember me for the salad I made them or that entire dinner I made for them . And though I loved everything my mother fixed for me , I do cherish those things that were personally made for us by love .

So with all of that said , no I’m not going to start cooking tonight or any time this week but I can assure my thoughts of cooking have changed and I will successfully learn how to become a better cook . In January I will began a journey of cooking . I plan to make public some of the wonderful recipes that my mother has stored up from her mother . I look forward to sharing all the wonderful updates of my basic food journal.

Swallowing my pride and learning how to cook, basically



5 thoughts on “So I don’t cook…Why is it a Problem”

  1. Awesome! cant wait for you to post, I love to cook for my family and can’t wait to get some new ideas from you ?.

  2. I don’t think everyone is made to be a chef! If you’re daughters are loving to learn to cook, then that’s great! Everyone has different gifts 🙂 I’m sure you will enjoy making your mother’s recipes, though!

  3. I never learned to cook until after I got married too:) my DH cooked for the first few months of our married life.. 🙂 and now I cook everyday..
    looking forward to your cooking adventures

  4. Well, no shame girl. I didn’t cook AT ALL until I became a stay at home mom last year, and I’ve been slowly learning ever since. Now I usually cook dinner Monday-Friday and my hubby takes over on the weekends. You’ve got this!

  5. ha ha great that you married a man who loves to cook and rather does the cooking happily. My mother also loves cooking but she stays 12 hours distance from me and my husband can just boil a pan of water in the name of cooking so for me, despite I don’t love it, it is me who has to cook!

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