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Have you ever been in a situation where you missed an opportunity? I am sure that we have all had opportunities and for some reason or another …we missed the opportunity . Or it was delayed?

I  can remember being a high school senior and not really knowing what I  wanted to do after high school. I  just knew that I  didn’t want to attend a small college and I  didn’t really want to stay in my home town. But as I  got further and further into my senior year I  realized that there were some things that I  probably couldn’t control. It wasn’t that I  couldn’t get into a college or even pay for college ( I had two full scholarships ) , there were other circumstances that took precedence over what I  really wanted to do . So I  sat out of school one year after graduation . But I  didn’t really sit out … I  still went to college but I  took night classes and online classes. It was the most miserable times of my life. And for the next 16 years I  would have a dreams about what I  missed when I  missed that opportunity to go off to college my freshman year . You see that one year changed my entire life. Just one small decision put me on a very different path . What if I  had left like I  wanted to ? Who would I  have met and what would I  have done? Of course it bothers me more because I now know the outcome but every decision I  made after that particular decision. So did this really  change how I  look and think about everything in life?

Here’s the thing..we think that opportunities happen a lot . They do …but it’s very rare that the same opportunity will happen multiple times. It is also rare that you will be in the same place doing the same thing once the opportunity returns. I  eventually left and moved out of state , I  attended two universities but things had changed significantly . I  think part of the reason I  had those disappointing dreams was because I  missed the proper opportunity when I  had the chance.

Life changes everyday , because of daily life lessons you are less likely to dive into some most new things because of fear of failure . You will settle for less than what you can really could only because you have fallen once or twice. But what if you have never failed? What if you followed your heart and made the best choices ?

Have you ever been in a city driving down the interstate and missed your opportunity to exit to your destination . Of course you keep moving , unless you are in the middle of nowhere there is probably not a chance that you can just turn around on the interstate . So you finally make your way back to your exit  and make it safely to your destination . But once your get there you will realize how much time you have wasted just trying to get back on track to your destination.

I  can remember back in 2006 I  was just beginning my career in blogging . I  had figured out that people were actually making money blogging . I  just didn’t believe it . I  didn’t believe it to the point that I  never even looked into it . Like I  pretended that it was some sort of myth that was out and people were actually lying about really making money blogging . There are days that I  could just kick myself because of my lack of discipline and curiosity oh and my ignorance.  See in 2006 I  wasn’t married and I didn’t have 5 children who were all in need of my extra attention . I  had time to write , I had plenty of time to research and build my brand . I  had more than enough of an opportunity to change my life but I  wasted it because I  didn’t believe and I  didn’t even try . Ten years of my life wasted basically living and not really living my best life.  Have you ever been there?

Take advantage of all your opportunities. If a good opportunity comes your way …grab it by the horns it may not come back around twice