I  feel like my brain can only muster a few updates here and there. So today is the 20th day of July. And currently we are on day 3000 of the Covid-19 Pandemic.   At least it feels that way to me . I  don’t even remember what I  told you the last time so let me just talk to you about what has happened in the last few weeks.

I  now have a 7 year old. This year is officially the first year since 2011 that  I  can say we have no babies. To celebrate his birth and since this was the first year I  finally told him that those fireworks that everyone shoots around his birthday aren’t really about him , we decided to buy him a dog. I know …why didn’t I  realize that a dog was just like a newborn baby? Pray for me in the next few weeks . She’s 7 weeks old this week and when we picked her up she was only 4 weeks. It was definitely too soon to purchase her but I  guess there are no laws against that here. She was less than a pound when we got her in very poor condition. Now she’s a big baby . She hates the heat, she ignores people, she uses the bathroom and then walks back into the house into her spot that she’s claimed as her bedroom. I  guess.

We are still mulling over whether or not to return our kids to traditional school.  Although I  don’t want anyone to get sick and I’m not planning for anyone to get sick , I  cannot rule out the possibility of anyone getting sick. This decision about my children returning to school feels like the decisions I  had to make for college or when I  was deciding whether or not I  wanted to marry my husband. Oh gosh its been a lot of sleepless nights in my house. I  stay home for a living …the kids and I  have really bonded over the last 5 months. We may not like each other by December. Heck we may not even like each other now. Decisions have to be made.

Jada Pinkett Smith has named her Summer/Fall relationship an entanglement. To me as a mom of boys the relationship was quite disturbing . Speaking of disturbing Mary Kay Loutourneau died of breast cancer. Pretty sad ending for her. Well back to Jada and Will …the nature of their relationship will probably be something that none of us understand . I  really hate that she spoke about it . It reminded of the saying…if you stir in ….it will stink.

We are still protesting …some of us anyway. Remove those confederate statues there is nothing romantic about your desire to see these statues. To me these statues are nothing more than a sign for the the continuation of oppression. While I’m on this subject did any of you hear Ivanka Trump suggesting that people find other things to do if they cannot find a job? How many of you know lawyers who are teachers, tellers or retail associates. Her father goes on to say more whites have died at the hands of police. When have whites been the minority?  And then they both pose with beans. This administration is so out of touch.

Kanye is running for president. I  mean if you can call it that …he’s not even registered to run but still he hosted a rally and such. He mentioned things about Harriet Tubman. I  will probably never write this again but …NIGGA! Come on ! I  gave him a pass suggesting that he needs help articulating the facts. Truth be told Kanye has some mental illnesses going on . I  am positive that these illnesses can be helped with prayer,  therapy and probably medicine. Maybe we can get Terry Crews to …never mind we need to get Terry Crews to just be quiet.

Washington Red Skins are changing their names. I  am sure there are others who can follow. Notice we have never had teams called the White Mans .

Nick Cannon decided to express all things that are supposed to be discussed at the kitchen table to the world. In return he lost a major connection with Viacom. The whole network where he got his start. Now I  cannot say that what he said wasn’t all the way wrong or all the right I  only heard bits and pieces . But he said what he said . I  wish we as black people had the same power as the LGBT community and the Jewish community. You cannot slight either of those communities and walk away Scott Free. Maybe we need some sort of committee to make that happen . I  mean we do have black twitter who sets people all the way in order.

I’m running out of things to do … Please send me some suggestions of what you’re doing to pass the time as we are staying safe during covid-19