Have you ever wanted a piece of success so badly and just feel like you are so close but yet so far away from achieving your dream?  Have you ever wanted something to happen in your life , that it consumed your every conversation . You can be talking about the weather and what is supposed to happen on the week end but you cannot enjoy the moment because your mind is constantly reflecting on what you don’t have currently? Its like being pregnant ,  during the end of your 7th month going into your 8th month of pregnancy , you are so busy trying to make preparation for a baby to come that you become restless ( although you are really uncomfortable ) and you try to do any and everything to make things happen faster.  Not enjoying those moments when the child is inside your body .

I remember my single days . And I say single with a smile on my face , not that I want to be single now but being single was so much fun . After I had Pier I felt like I wouldn’t ever get married. I had actually prepared myself to be single for the rest of my life . And maybe date here and there . One day my brother told me he wanted me to meet someone . I guess he thought I was lonely . I had a family already , what else was I missing ?  Don’t get me wrong prior to this I dated , I had a guy ask me to marry him, I had my fair share of relationships but I was at the point that I just wanted to do what I saw people do on television. Take girl trips, go out to eat , have fun!!!

So I met a group of young ladies that were single just like me . And we started hanging out . I started organizing afternoon get together’s . We would go out to eat every other Sunday , we shopped together, called each other , celebrated holidays together etc. But my idea of having fun and their idea of having fun were two totally different things. Where I generally wanted to have fun and laugh and talk we spent a lot of our moments talking about what we wanted when we got married. And because I wasn’t in that stage of wanting to get married I always found it easier to leave or make up things on the spot.  But at some points this was our only conversations. And it was generally only about a man . Pretty soon getting together was more about the places we should go and what we should wear when we get there and less about us just having fun. I thought being single was supposed to be fun . Who would think it was filled with so much time trying to be the best to get a man.

The worse part of all of this is when you were so worried about meeting a man and falling in love that when you finally meet him you were too busy planning your wedding on the first date that you never got the chance to meet him. Which is another problem because no man wants to talk about marriage on his first date or even on the second date. I mean I never wanted to talk about it after months of dating .

One day  I was over the group. Why? Well one of the guys from church , who liked me came over during one of our times of visiting and the thirst was real. He had just come from working out  and he had on a tank top and some shorts. I thought he looked sweaty and they saw something totally different . Unfortunately I didn’t understand the thirst for him . And it made me uncomfortable , after all he was crushing on me . And that meant that no man was off limits and that made me uncomfortable. I got tired of talking about something that I didn’t want . But the idea of marriage stayed in my mind . Not like you think. I actually wanted to stay away from the idea more than I wanted to have it . I didn’t want it to consume my life like it did theirs. I didn’t want my ever waking thought to be on marriage.

Eventually one by one we got married , not all of us but the majority of us. I’m not sure if their minds or conversation ever changed about marriage but my mind eventually changed. The moment I felt worthy to get married was the moment I met my husband . And even after I met him , marriage was still not a priority but that’s a different story . I said all of that to say sometimes you have to release the pressure of thinking about something so much and just relax and allow it to happen.  There are somethings that you have to make happen , like graduating from school, getting a law degree, getting that job you’ve always wanted and then there are things that you allow to happen at its proper time .

James 1:4-8King James Version (KJV)

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing

Let patience have her perfect work in your life. And those things that you are trying to make happen that are not happening so quickly .  Relax , let go , relate and release and watch them happen for you in the proper timing .

I’m relaxing and waiting  ….well Basically


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  1. When we relinquish our control fully to God, he works like that 🙂 As a single woman who has planned her wedding since about the age of 12, I find posts like these very comforting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do think we spend so much of our life waiting for the next phase to begin when we should just enjoy the season we’re in. Great post!

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